Ensure a Notice of Allowance by the USPTO’s Examiner for your Invention

When applying for a patent in the US, the most important person to keep in mind is the USPTO’s patent examiner. They serve as a judge on patentability related to inventions claimed in a patent application under conditions for patentability set forth in Title 35 of the United States Code. The USPTO’s (United States Patent and Trademark Office) examinerissues Notice of Allowance or Notice of Abandonment. In the year 2020, the global giant IBM has been granted the highest number of patents (9130).

A few tips to increase your chances

Finding the right patent practitioner can often be an ordeal for a scientist as professional after professional finds it difficult to understand their innovative and futuristic invention, which is way ahead of its time. An experienced patent attorney based in St. Louis (MO) advises keeping confidence in yourself and believing that your invention deserves a patent in a crowded field. If you lose faith in your creative mind and its capabilities, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to convince an examiner about the benefits and uniqueness of your invention. Anyhow, enlisting a professional for patent related services in Dallas is a step in the right direction.

Expectations should be realistic

Some of the most ground-breaking inventions are expected in medicine, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biotechnologythis decade. Unfortunately, many people with a warped sense of reality consider time travel or traveling at the speed of light a possibility and disregard other inventions that have changed humanity’s future. Today, a combination of big data, artificial intelligence, cutting edge hardware, and programming work in conjunction for amazing results!

Let’s take a closer look at biotechnology, which is already responsible for changing billions of lives with inventions like pasteurization and research to understand insulin properly. It is under the category of utility patents that are valid for twenty years. One of the most significant challenges that attorneys face is explaining that the biotechnology product or process is new and not something that occurs naturally. Facts will be required to prove the invention is the first of its kind in the world for a specified action. The contents of the techno-legal documentation are very critical for this purpose and can help with the patent for future related inventions.

Dreams to reality

Successful biotech patent agents in Dallas have a background in science and understand patent laws in the US. Writing techno-legal documents is their forte. They have the patience to wait for a client’s patent to be granted in 3-4 years or more by the USPTO. An exemplary example of a patent practitioner is Dr. Malik, a Managing Partner at the Affordable Patent Agency in Dallas. She has years of hands-on experience with biotech and life science inventions in the US. After working as an Assistant Professor at Emory University in Atlanta (GA), she pursued something close to her heart by co-founding intellectual property-based wellness, therapeutic, and recreational Wearable Company as well as a patent agency. Her academics gave her a headstart in innovative biotech inventions, and she has never looked back.

With Dr. Malik’s vivid experience in various scientific fields like Pharmacology and Physiology, she is gradually building a reputation for thoroughly air-tight techno-legal documents for patent applications. She has written patent applications and drafted responses for all stages of US patent prosecution, including Non-final Office Action, Final Office Action, Pre-Appeal Brief Response (PABR), Appeal Brief, and Reply Brief. As a patent practitioner, her patent related services in Dallas go beyond just documentation because she likes to prepare the scientist for the USPTO’s examiner by instilling confidence in the scientist that their invention stands-out in a crowded field and requires a patent.

Final thoughts

Any scientist appointingDr. Malik as a biotech patent agent in Dallaswill be taking the first baby steps towards being granted a patent by the USPTO. Apart from a Ph.D in Pharmacology and Cell Biophysics, she has an MS degree in Life Sciences. Dr. Malik has hands-on experience representing biotech and life sciences inventions and always stays up-to-date on notable developments in these fields. When you enjoy doing something, the results are always better, and clients have something to gain from your optimism and knowledge.


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