Common Signs You Need To Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

Are you experiencing pain in the back of the gums? Do you have a feeling of sensitivity? Well, it is most probably because of the wisdom teeth. What are these? Can they be removed? How do you get the treatment done? Let us answer all these questions for you.

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that grow during the age of 17-24 years. This can also be delayed for some. They grow at the back end of the gums, two on the upper jaw and two on the lower jaw. According to the beliefs, these are said to be of utmost use to our ancestors in chewing meat, nuts, and other hard food materials. However, with time, they have become obsolete. So, most adults tend to get them removed.

But, why should we remove our wisdom teeth? The key reason is that they grow at an older age, causing pain and overcrowding the back gums in our mouth. This can cause discomfort and further gum problems in the future. While for some, they do not cause major problems, but, for about 85% of the people, this can be a painful thing.

Before you decide to get them removed, you must consult a dentist. And for that, we at Belmont Dental Care are here for you. Our professional dentists help you throughout the process of wisdom teeth removal, Kitchener, for a smooth dental process. We have the best dentists in Kitchener who also perform dental implants Kitchener, along with offering a comprehensive selection of services.

Signs that show the need for wisdom teeth removal, Kitchener

Wisdom teeth take up extra space in your gums. Straightening them with braces is also not an option, leaving you with the only option of removing them. You can visit dentists in Kitchener who can guide you the right way. Here are some of the common signs that indicate the necessity of wisdom teeth removal, Kitchener.

Pain and sensitivity:


If you are facing sensitivity issues in your teeth while brushing, eating, or just casually, then, it is a sign to visit the dentists in Kitchener. As the wisdom teeth start growing, they bring along pain and toothaches. If you start having a throbbing sensation, then do not ignore it. The more you delay your dental problems and leave them untreated, the more painful it will be later on. An example of this is wisdom teeth removal, Kitchener. The more these wisdom teeth grow, the more they will connect with the roots and gums, making the removal process even tougher. So, to avoid any serious issues, a good idea is to address them soon.

Inflammation in the gums:

When wisdom teeth start emerging, a flap of gum tissues is built around them, trapping the bacteria and food particles. This can lead to swelling of the gums and making them sore. So, this makes it quintessential to get an early evaluation done from dentists in Kitchener.

Bad breath in the mouth:

The stuck food in the wisdom teeth and the area around it can result in plaque and infections. This further develops a constant bad breath and unpleasant taste.

Cyst development:

If you constantly ignore the symptoms of wisdom teeth and the pain cause with it, cyst starts forming around it. When fluid fills the sacs around the teeth, it leads to cyst formation. If proper treatment is not done for it, it can lead to destroying the bones, roots, and teeth structure. If it becomes too severe, one might also require surgery to heal it.

Sinus issues:

Once the teeth start growing, they can rub against the sinuses, putting pressure. This can lead to some sinus issues, headaches, and other problems. While this is not very common, it is still one of the key symptoms to look at.


The wisdom tooth can cause pain in the gums and can lead to the development of pockets for bacteria. This bacteria develops with time causing cavities and infection in the tooth.

Is it important to get the wisdom teeth removal, Kitchener done?

Once you know all the symptoms, what wisdom teeth actually are, and their impact, you might be wondering is it important to get them removed? No, it isn’t necessary till the time you are not facing major pains or dental issues. Some people live with wisdom teeth throughout their lives. While for others, two are removed at one go, and the remaining in the other. It depends completely on the type of dental issue you are facing.

So, to keep the health of your teeth in good condition, it is essential to make regular visits to the dentist. Ensure that you have a healthy tooth regime, to keep them shining and pain-free. Always follow a routine for brushing, flossing, and other things recommended by your dentist.

If you are facing any dental issues, you can find the best dentists in Kitchener at Belmont Dental Care. Whether it be dental implants in Kitchener or wisdom tooth removal in Kitchener, we are here for you.


To summarize, if you are facing dental issues, it is a sign to visit a dentist as soon as possible. This will save you from all the pain later. So, if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, book an appointment with the dentist right away.