5 Reasons You Should Do Yoga For A Healthy Brain

Your brain is a complex and mysterious organ consisting of nerve cells and supportive tissue. It has been the center of debate in both spiritual and scientific circles. On a normal day, your brain generates thousands of thoughts some of which are positive and some that are painful. Moreover, with a hectic lifestyle, it becomes harder for you to remain positive and enjoy good mental health.


Although yoga is often praised for its ability to improve your flexibility and overall strength, it does have a major impact on your mental health. Yoga not just impacts your brain's functioning it also changes the structure of your brain. You should try some yoga for brain asanas to let your mind relax and rejuvenate from all the stress.


With that said, let us check out how yoga helps your brain remain healthy and active.


5 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For Your Brain


Numerous studies have shown how yoga benefits your brain. Read further to know how daily yoga practice can help you enjoy good mental health.


1. Improves Breathing And Blood Flow


In comparison to other species, humans have the largest brain in size. You might not be aware but the brain utilizes 20% of the total oxygen and blood circulating in your body. Fortunately, Pranayama techniques in yoga strengthen your awareness of breathing and improve the power of your lungs and diaphragm.


In the long run, daily yoga practice improves the intake and supply of oxygen to your brain. Yoga promotes healthy body movement through the numerous asana, which helps improve the mobility of blood in your entire body. In short, yoga increases the heart rate and blood flow to your brain.


2. Promotes A Calm Mind


Your brain is not built for multitasking, still, it can process information sequentially at an incredible speed. The brain has 86 billion cells with more than 30,000 synapses per neuron, which process information between 0.5 to 0.120 meters per second.


In other words, your brain has to shift between different information when trying to multi-task which only causes a decrease in your attention span and leads to short-term memory. Luckily, daily yoga practice slows down this rush and helps you develop a more positive mindset. You should enroll in a reputed yoga school to learn and practice yoga for brain asanas.


3. Impacts Brain On Microscopic Level


Studies have shown how yoga slows down the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the sympathetic nervous system to decrease the stress response. Numerous yoga techniques help your brain recover from past trauma or hurt.

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4. Promotes Growth Of Neurons


Neurons in your brain are nerve cells that comprise a cell body (Soma), the signal receivers on the cell body (Dendrites), and a projection. These neurons send nerve signals from and to your brain.


During pregnancy, a total of 250,000 neurons are created every minute. Moreover, the learning process starts the connection between every neuron. However, there is a “use or lose” principle associated with neurons. The less-used neuron connections are cut off so that space can be created for new neurons.


Doing yoga for brain leads to the creation of more neurons in your brain. These improve your brain's health in the long run. Yoga does wonders when it comes to creating neurons and strengthening the neural pathways.


5. Develops Power Of Intuition


Do you know there is a second brain that has a whopping 100,000 neurons? The Gut bacteria is responsible for generating more than 30 neurotransmitters including Serotonin. Daily yoga practice is advantageous for your brain as it works on listening to the gut and trusting yourself.


In other words, your head brain works with rational and logical thinking while the Gut brain provides you with something deeper.




Yoga is a holistic approach for you to maintain good physical and mental health. Enroll in a reputed yoga school to learn yoga for brain poses to keep your cool.

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