5 Physical Activities Your Kids Can Enjoy At Home

Thinking about fitness sounds like going to Gym or following a strict diet plan, but this is not true. People believe in some myths that they need physical activity only if they have obesity issues. Studies show that growing children should also follow some physical activities as it helps them to grow stronger.


Children who stay home need some physical activities that prevent them from obesity and other health issues. An inactive routine can make the kid's couch potatoes. Research shows that 1 in 4 kids completes the 60 minutes of physical activity. It reveals that excessive digital device usage has stopped our young children from involving in other activities.


Benefits of Physical Activities 


We can see that the kids who use the mobile phone in excess are inactive as compared to other young children. When I visited a Child Doctor in Peshawar, he shared with me the importance of the physical activity. The doctor shared that physical activity helps to build healthy bones, muscles, etc. It also manages the diabetes level and controls the blood pressure. It also connects with the mental development of the kids. You can see a crystal clear difference in their confidence level. It boosts the self-esteem of children that allows them to perform better in every way of life.


During Pandemic, kids are locked inside the walls, and they need physical activities to follow up.


How to motivate kids for Physical Activity?


  • Consider Exercise a Priority 


To inspire the children, we should set an example. Kids do not follow what they see, but they copy your actions. Parents should also involve some physical activity in their routine to stay fit, so they can also help their children. There is no need to go Gym or follow a strict diet plan, but a morning walk can boost healthy organs. The time you spend with your kids is valuable, and I think the morning walk is a better way to make some memories with a healthy body. Schools encourage physical activities in kids but parents should also focus on such facts that can help them to be healthy kids rather than couch potatoes.


  • Choose an Activity That Develops the Kids’ Interest 


Parents know the interests of their kids. You should pick a toy or provide them equipment that they can use and beneficial for their fitness. Bike riding or dancing helps the kids to move more, and it boosts their health.


  • Have Discussion with Your Children


Understanding physical activity motivates your children even more. You can tell your kids that excess body movement can bring a healthy change in life and also let them grow in a positive way.


What Exercise Should we Introduce at home for kids?


  1. Balancing on one foot


The online resource can help you and your child to learn how to keep balance on one foot. You can join your kid in such an activity as it will encourage him/her.


  1. Jump Rope 


Research has proved that jump roping boosts memory level and concentration because it boosts the blood flow to the brain. If you want to improve the analytical and logical capability of your child, develop their interest in skipping rope.


  1. Yoga


Kids should follow a yoga plan because it is one of the best physical activities for them. It boosts the flexibility and strength of the children.


  1. Fill a Balloon, and do not let it touch the floor


Parents should learn about the games that boost the kids’ emotional and social development. 3-4 years old children can play with a balloon and stop it from touching the ground.




Physical activity supports the kids to control their weight at an early age. I remember once I visited a pediatrician from the Children Medical Center, and he suggested that I should increase the physical activity of my son. It brought a crystal clear change in my kid’s physical and mental health. It also boosts the child's enthusiasm and optimism.


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