5 Easy Steps on How to Improve Constipation

5 Easy Steps on How to Improve Constipation

Constipation Is A Very Common Issue

According to global statistics, 15% of people are suffering from constipation, especially sedentary people are more likely to have long-term defecation problems. It is equivalent to you hanging out with a group of friends, one of you suffers from constipation but dare not dare speak out.

Ways to Improve Constipation

If you are really constipated, here are some ways to improve, first look at the diet. For more information, you may refer XocialMe, under the sports and health section.

1. Drink Sufficient Amount of Water

Some people say that you drink seven glasses of water a day. Some people say you drink 2000cc a day, but the amount of water you need to drink actually varies from person to person. One way is to drink as much water as you consume on the day. If I'm with my TDEE3000, I will have to drink 3000cc of water per day. Another way is to suggest that you observe the color of the urine. You must see that the urine is light yellow to be at ease. Drink more water if it is too dark.

2. Eat More Fibre

Usually, it is recommended that you eat 25~30 grams of fiber a day. But nowadays there are too many processed, refined foods, vegetables are hard to find, and they don’t like to eat vegetables. Most people don’t eat enough. Fiber is divided into water-soluble and non-water-soluble, both of which are slightly helpful for improving constipation. It will increase the volume of your feces and speed up the excretion. Most people want to eat a little more water-insoluble ones, which will be more effective for constipation. Personally, I will eat avocado, green beans, broccoli, etc., or You can check which foods have more insoluble fiber by yourself

In addition, there is something called psyllium, which can become softer when soaked in water. Eating it can increase the volume of stool and increase the frequency of bowel movements. In the short term, it is helpful to improve constipation. You can also try it.

3. Enhance lifestyle habits

Improving constipation does not only start with diet. Because stress and sleep also affect the smoothness of your bowel movements, such as research found that people who sleep well have fewer gastrointestinal problems. This also includes improving constipation.

In addition, long-term stress will affect the stomach and intestines, and it may also be a cause of your constipation. Then your constipation will make you more stressed and more constipated. It is a vicious circle, so it is very important to find ways to relieve pressure. Yes. There are many ways to relieve stress. Everyone is different. I will suggest you a good way to exercise.

Because exercise can not only relieve stress but also help your gastrointestinal motility by the way, which is quite helpful for improving constipation. If you don’t know what exercise is better, I would suggest you retrain and grow muscles by the way. If you don’t want to retrain From the research point of view, yoga is a good way. It should be noted that the more exercise you sweat, the more hydration you have to add, otherwise you may get more constipation.

What Causes Your Constipation?

The last thing to talk about is the things that may cause constipation. The first is dairy products. Eating too much dairy products may cause constipation. It is not sure what causes constipation, but most people with constipation remove dairy products There will be less constipation.

The second reason is that anything that will make you drain water, such as coffee and alcohol, is not recommended for you to drink too much. A moderate amount of coffee can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, but excessive coffee may make you dehydrated Excessive stools.

Another reason is that if you suddenly change a diet or your life schedule changes suddenly, then you will usually encounter constipation at the beginning. At this time, try to do other ways to improve constipation, and then wait until you adapt. This will improved a lot.

Finally, I hope this article is helpful to you.


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