10 fast and Effective Sunburn Treatment Tips:

You were enjoying yourself with friends and forgot to reapply sunscreen? Came home and realized you have got a strong sunburn. Or maybe you were walking down the street in the scorching heat. No matter what the cause was, you are now looking all over social media and internet to get rid of this sunburn. According to a recent study, it takes few weeks to skin to reappear as the old layer sheds off. Well, a lot of people cannot manage to suffer that long. Or maybe you are jealous of your dog, who can play in sun without any burns. Speaking of dogs, you can also get an emotional support animal letter and take your pet anywhere in the no-pet zone. Continue reading to find out 10 ways to counter sunburn and get your fresh glowing, skin back.

Avoid the sun:

For some people, it might be, commonsense, but many forget to take it seriously and continue going out and play in sun. One of the most important things while battling sunburn is avoiding the sun. not only it will harm the skin furthermore but also reduce the treatment process. it is like taking shower again right after drying yourself, you are back to square one. However, if it is necessary, apply sunscreen before going out. You must avoid the sun before the sunburn fades away.

Cool water:

Apply cold water to the burnt areas like arms, face, legs. You can also take a cold shower bath. Do not apply soap or skin oils, just a simple cold-water bath is enough. If you feel comfortable, repeat the process twice a day. Also, if you are bathing in a tub, pour few scopes of baking soda. It will help your skin retain moisture. Moreover, it will clean your skin deeply, much better than soap does.

Apply aloe vera:

Consider it as a post-sunburn go-to product. It can help you heal after a sunburn quickly. Either use it from a bottle or obtain fresh from the plant, apply it directly on the skin. If you feel any irritation or discomfort, it will relieve that too. Aloe vera contains cooling and healing substances that help your skin regrow faster. Moreover, it can promote wound healing and can treat other skin conditions.

Aloe vera can also be used as a sunscreen in extreme winter conditions. It does not let your skin go dry and get cold cuts. Although, remember some kids are allergic to aloe vera. So, you should know kids’ conditions before applying it. preferably, test it on hand skin or foot.


Egyptians are considered to be using honey for a lot of medical conditions including sunburn. You can read it in their ancient books. Many researchers conclude that it might even work better than many expensive antibiotic creams that you buy off a drug store. It heals your skin, reduces the chances of getting an infection, and gives off a soothing, comforting effect after a burn. Either apply directly or with help of cotton. The ideal time is to use it before bed and wash it off when you get up. It can make sunburn go away in few days.

Oatmeal bath:

As mentioned earlier, a baking soda bath helps a lot. No worries, if you are out of baking soda, use oatmeal instead. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent when mixed with water. Pour some scopes in the water, stir well and let it rest. After some minutes, your bath is ready. There can help your skin regain its normal color and condition within few days. Consider, doing the process in cold water as it is helpful too.

Use lotions:

After the shower, you can use skin lotions. Remember, if your skin is burnt so severely that blisters are popped up. Do not apply lotion to it. instead, go to a hospital and consult a doctor. You can use lotions with the ingredients like glycerin or oil, it gives comforting effects and also heals the skin. Some lotions contain oatmeal and vitamins, you can use those too. Petroleum jelly or lotions with petroleum products will damage the skin, also causes irritation. You can look by checking out the description on the box.

Drink water:

Sunburn causes vasodilation which in turn causes more loss of water from the skin. On sunny days, dehydration can cause severe problems. If left untreated, it can even cause death. Drinking more water removes toxins that were made as a result of damaged skin. After all, we are 75% water, it reduces the severity of burns. Additionally, as water drains toxins from the blood, fresh blood is delivered to your skin that helps it heal faster.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil makes sure skin remains fresh and moist. Dry skin causes irritation, which will lead to you touching your face or that body part continuously. Hence, the healing process does not take place efficiently. Coconut oil fights against blisters, these can damage the skin and severe sunburn. Because blister can trap heat. Another great advantage of natural products is that there is no limitation. Even if you use it excessively, it will be beneficial. Every skin product contains coconut oil so now you know the importance.

Cold compress:

You can also lower the pain, irritation by this method. All you need to do is pack few ice cubes in a plastic bag or a thick cloth. Let it rest for 15 minutes on the skin. You will get the results instantaneously. Placing the ice directly can cause damage and worsen the symptoms. So, instead, use a plastic bag or cloth. Repeat the process after few hours until you get better results.

Take a pain killer:

You can also take pain killer like Panadol or ibuprofen. Even, if there are no blisters and your skin feels tight, take a pill. It is an anti-inflammatory drug that reduces pain and enhances the healing process. 


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