Why are men becoming more prone to diseases than others?

From the inception men and women are struggling to strike a chord of equality between them. For ages and eras, men have been dominant over the woman, controlling them, giving them orders, etc. Be it the times of early man when the human existence just began to settle on the earth, men were the head of the tribe whereas women were taking care of the children. 

But in the 21st century, the makeshift change took place in a very fast time-lapse. Now, almost in every public place or even in our home’s women have the same right and powers as men. But how is this equality related to becoming more prone to diseases?

Due to years of being in the dominant position some men are still in the hangover of the previous century if some woman interrupts them. This is the reason that the Harvard university came with a report that despite being more muscular and ripped men are weaker sex than women. 

What is the reason?

Being dominant all the time

Men are always found to be interrupted in the lives of women. They are so insecure that they always lack trust in their partners. Even if their partners are busy with some work, they would keep calling them numerous times.

This behavior is also present in the women but the percentage is less which proves that women are less insecure. Even today some men find it difficult to work under the orders of a female senior.

Hence, such men in today’s time get untangled while working with female colleagues in the workplace. This dominating nature of men can only be controlled if we nurture our children from childhood by instilling values of equality in them.

Being dominant also harms men in many ways as well. It leads to stress, mental disbalance and when the female opposes to be submissive, he may also show violent traits of his behavior. 

Reckless eating and drinking habits

It is a fact that women have more control over themselves than men. Even in grave situations, one would observe that women always have the most creative ideas without being in a panic. 

Experts are of the view that more women are shifting towards a healthy choice of foods that are devoid of such hypothalamus triggering elements. Even in the age of puberty when the new sex hormones are at the rage in our body. Men always are running behind some women to attract their attention but women don’t get fooled by their hormones easily. 

This is the reason that in almost every major examination across the country women have topped the positions, whereas the men were busy playing PUBG and free-fire.

Different values taught by parents

Surely the main reason why still society feels a gender gap is due to things taught by parents to boy child and girl child. Girls from the beginning are trained to cook food, wash clothes along with studying. This makes them a well-built and independent human being that can face challenges in life when she goes in the professional world. 

On the other hand, boys are left free to party, play with friends, only a small percentage of parents also make them undergo training in cooking and other household works. Hence, when the time comes to face the challenges men are always one step backward than the woman. 

In such situation’s men feel hopeless and a sense of guilt erupts in the mind where they blame themselves for misfortunes in their lives. This is also the reason why a greater number of men are victims of mental disorders than women. Degrading mental health also affects their sexual performance and makes them Buy Cenforce, Fildena 100Mg, or Vidalista 20 mg.

Diseases that engulf men


It is one of the basic medical conditions that is greater than a disease itself. Obesity is sometimes referred to as the unofficial invitation for other diseases. One would observe obesity always bring other disorders with itself such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, anxiety, hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction, etc. 

Lung cancer

This occurs mostly to chain smokers who smoke 1 packet of cigarettes in a day. Smoking is also the habits that make men’s life more miserable. 

Despite the warning on the cover of the packet, “Smoking is injurious to health” the sales of cigarette companies are touching sky high. Smoking not only affects you but also the other people living nearby such as family members, colleagues at work. 

For example, being a passive smoker i.e., inhaling the smoke of a smoker will cause you also the same harm as him. So, if someone in your family or the workplace is a smoker, try to remain far from him when he/she smokes.

Though due to modernization women too smoke the percentage is still higher on the men’s side and also the healthy diet of women cancel out the negative effects. 

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