Why AC Cleaning Is So Important In Dubai?

The temperature of the Middle East can be as high as 48 degrees. In such a setting, AC may be a lifesaver. The UAE has one of the world's most heavy traffic and so cannot be overlooked for air pollution. UAE air is sandy as the desert covers much of the country. AC Cleaning services in Dubai cannot be an option in such a region. Here are four different reasons for the importance of your AC cleaning.

Air quality:

Dubai air quality index is roughly 152 according to iqair.com and not healthy. Air quality is not healthy. This should be taken seriously and your AC system should be cleaned periodically because most of the air we inhale is processed in AC. Secondly, most individuals in the UAE spend 100% time indoors under an AC. And breathe in full air from AC straight. Cleaning of AC should therefore not be overlooked. Proper maintenance of our air conditioning system is just as crucial as other home appliances.

Remove Germs and Bacteria.

AC duct Cleaning services increases the air filter, which eliminates air from bacteria and other germs Germs and bacteria in your room may circulate through AC. As condensation is produced internally, AC itself can be a major survival area for bacteria and mould.

Efficiency of AC:

The UAE has a sand- and heavy-duty country. Compared to other countries, your AC can be somewhat more effective. It's impossible for AC to function well if AC filters are unclean and clogged. Coolness and efficiency are boosted after removal of dust.

Lower power bills:

Uncleaned electricity supplies spend more energy as your compressor works harder. When cleaned, you work smoothly and use lower power, which means your electricity bill will be significantly decreased.

The air conditioning unit and the air duct are the two sections of the AC systems. Cleaning of the unit and of the ac conduit is necessary for cleaning and sanitizing in order to avoid cross-contamination before the ventilation is reached. Be careful, since certain businesses inside the UAE do not provide proper AC cleaning and maintenance service for conventional AC ducts unless complete cleaning and intense sanitation are followed up. The air ducts in your house play a huge role. It circulates air from and into each room from your air cooling system, which provides continuous interior comfort whatever the season. When you're indoors, the air flow through your ducts is the same air as you and your family. You want to make this air as clean as possible, therefore. We are offering AC cleaning services in Dubai

Inspection - a robotic inspection system is used before and after the cleaning to visually inspect the air ac duct. Clean the sludge and grill covers so that no residual debris or dust is available.

Mechanical AC Cleaning - used to remove particle matter and waste from the duct and surface pollutants.


Anti-microbial AC Treatment — the entire duct is best treated for full disinfection and sanitization with non-leaching anti-microbial products.

To remove any dirt and grime in the AC, clean the condensate pan.

To ensure free flow of quality air in the Air Condition, clean the conduits and replace and repair the filters.

Refrigeration and heating spools clean AC.


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