Top 5 Kannada News Websites In India

Regional news is as important as national and international. India is a diverse country, and there is plenty of news to grab. So, it is essential to find the best news portal that can offer you news updates in authentic form.


Thankfully, there are a bunch of online news websites for every region where you can get area-based news. Those living in Karnataka can rely on the Kannada news websites.


These are online news portals that offer Karnataka region news in Kannada. You will come across many news websites in Kannada to get trustworthy information like ETV Kannada News. To ease your hassle of finding the best sit, we have prepared a list of the top 5 Kannada news website:


#1 ETV Kannada

ETV is a national news broadcaster that has a major following in the country. It has a regional edition for the Karnataka region, i.e., ETV Kannada News. It is an easy-to-use news portal where you can get all the latest updates, videos, reports, and statistics related to Karnataka. With the ETV Kannada News Live, you can receive a live telecast of particular news, election results – for instance.


#2 Asianet Suvarna

Deemed as India’s #1 Kannada news website, Asianet Suvarna is where you can get all the breaking news and latest headlines of the Karnataka region. Asianet Suvarna is also a Kannada news channel that has been running successfully for years. With its online portal, people are now able to get news updates on the go. Since its launch, Suvarna has become a go-to online news portal for many.


#3 is an online news portal where you can get access to regional news in Kannada. You can get access to the newspaper, radio stations, TV channels, and whatnot. If you are looking to grab the most trusted Kannada news updates from any corner of the world, you need to look up to


#4 Kannada.News18

News18 is an international news broadcaster that has its media house in India as well. Kannada.News18 is a regional edition for Karnataka that can fetch you the latest and authentic news updates in Kannada. From political, sports to COVID updates, you can find it all here without any hassle. Live updates of a particular news string are a major highlight.


#5 Sumanasa

Yet another successful and widely renowned online news portal is Sumanasa. Apart from the latest happenings in Kannada, you can read all the popular newspapers in your language on this site. It is a successfully running news portal that everyone trusts in Karnataka. It is in collaboration with the Zee network, which is a credible broadcasting network in India. Sumanasa offers you unbiased news updates of Karnataka at the earliest.


The Bottom Line

When it comes to getting the news updates of your region, you cannot trust just any source. You need to be sure that you are gaining information from a trusted source. That’s why you need to rely on the above-mentioned Kannada news website. ETV Kannada has the most viewership in Karnataka due to its ethical processing.