Tired of Doing Dryer Vent Cleaning the Old Way?

You must have a dryer at home. Are you familiar with the term Dryer Cleaning? The process thoroughly cleans the dryer exhaust system. It involves cleaning everything from the machine's backside to the outside cap. You will wonder how to clean it yourself. If you are tired of doing dryer vent cleaning the old way, read this article. 


What is the Risk with Dryers? 

If you own a dryer, you must know that fire hazard is one of the most significant risks of blocked ducts. And if the blockage is mild, it will reduce your machine's efficiency. Your clothes will not be dried in one cycle. Your energy bills will rise for no reason, and your money will be wasted. 

You should also know the ducts' exact position in your laundry room and outside walls. 


How to Clean the Dryer Ducts in an Easy Way? 

Are you tired of cleaning your dryer vents in the old way? Here we have something innovative for you. Follow the step-by-step guide below, and you will be amazed. 


Step 1: Identify the Exact Location of Your Ducts

If you wish to appropriately clean your dryer system, you need to first locate the ducts in your home. It is necessary to know the starting and ending points of the ducts. Many dryers have a small four inches long diameter exhaust. 

The exhaust links to the wall's specific ductwork through an aluminum prod or a tube. The hot air moves through these metal tubes and eventually gets out of an opening on the outside wall of your home. 

In a few situations, the dryer exhausts link to the ducts at the bottom of the washing room wall. Positioned in the basement, it moves towards the exit vent at the ground level. It opens to allow the hot air to escape but is capped to keep filth, dirt, and animals away. 


Step 2: Securely Remove the Dryer 

After you have located the ducts' starting and ending points, you should disconnect the dryer from the power source. It is straightforward if you have an electric dryer. You need to unplug the dryer's power cable from the wall.  

After this, you need to remove the metal tape or locks that attach the dryer vent tube to the exhaust. Then slowly pull the vent tube apart from the duct in the wall. You can quickly push the electric dryer aside. Now, you will have more room to work. 

Some people might own gas-powered dryers. So, they need to act more carefully. You should try not to disturb the dryer's gas pipe when you are relocating the machine. Like the gas ranges, the fuel connection usually comprises flexible steel tubes. The tube needs to be tightly connected for safety. You should know that gas leakages are hazardous. If you do not feel confident, you should immediately take the help of Dryer Vent Cleaning in Marietta


Step 3: Clean Thoroughly 

After the unit is disconnected and relocated to a safe place, you should have clear access to the ducts opening in the laundry room wall. At this point, you can easily reach the exit point that is located outside of the house. For this, you just need to remove the duct flap or cover. 

Then, you need to purchase a specific dryer vent cleaning kit. It is readily available at any local home store. And the price is also very reasonable. The cleaning kit consists of special lint brushes and a set of 6 (two feet long) flexible parts. You need to connect these parts to form a rod that will measure 12 feet long. 

If your duct tube is extra long, you may need to purchase an additional unit. This will extend the rod's length and provide a backup brush head for safety. The end of the well-designed device also fixes into the standard power drill clamps. You can clean very efficiently by spinning the brush at high speed. 

Just place the brush end in the ducts and see the magic. It is best to start cleaning from outside the house as it might be a higher point. The gravitational pull will help clear the debris more efficiently. It is always better to collect the link inside the home (in the laundry room) for easy cleaning. 

Spinning the rod counter-clockwise helps avoid removing segments. After this, push the brush as deep as you can. Try to reach the other end of the duct. Some ducts may have twists and turns, so you may have to try a few times for the best results. 


Step 4: Organize and Reconnect Dryer  

If you are cleaning your ducts after a very long time, then you should be ready to see a lot of lint coming out of the wall. So, you should be prepared to clean it. You may use a vacuum cleaner or broom, dustpan, and dustbin to tidy up the area. 

Once the litter is cleaned, you should place back every item, except for one thing. If your dryer has a soft foil-style vent that links to the wall duct, you should remove it. These tubes can cause a fire. Instead, you should fix a semi-rigid venting with a pair of 90-degree aluminum prod. These are durable and safe. After this, you should carefully reconnect the dryer to its power source. 


Step 5: Perform a Demo  

Indeed, dryer duct cleaning is a challenging task that involves skills, hard work, and effort. After you are done, you should perform a demo and see your clean dryer's performance. 



Neglecting the ductwork cleaning can be dangerous and lead to more significant damages. When homeowners call for dryer cleaning services, they should also consider Air Duct Cleaning in Marietta. It will save your time, utility bills and secure your appliances for a long-time.