Tips For Buying Solitaire On A Budget

A solitaire diamond is every woman's dream, but it is not affordable as single diamonds are higher in price. But it is possible to get a cheap solitaire and is still best valued. The cost of a diamond depends on the cut, clarity, colour and carat, and a better understanding of these will help an individual choose a solitaire on a reasonable budget. The setting is one significant aspect to be taken into account while purchasing diamonds. The different kinds of settings are prongs, bezel, bar, halo, tension and cathedral. Prongs are the setting that is more durable and stronger. These settings that are mentioned have to be chosen wisely to decrease the amount and weight of the metal used to mount the diamonds and bring down the cost considerably. 


The Four Cs of Diamonds 

  • Cut 

The shape will reflect colours differently and also influence the appearance of a diamond. Focus on the cut rather than the colour to opt for a less expensive option. The metal on which the diamonds are chosen to be mounted will again create an impact on the appearance of the diamond. White gold and platinum will reflect the colour white onto the diamonds and make it seem bright in a heart shaped locket, whereas yellow gold will impart a yellowish tint to the stone. 


  • Colour 

Diamonds are rated based on their colour. The colour grades range from pure white to yellowish and brownish tints. According to the budget, the colour's variances will not be visible to the naked eye, and one can pick D, E, F, G, H and I grades. The pure white stone will belong to the colours D, E and F, and the lesser costly ones belong to G, H, and I will impart a yellowish tint.  


  • Clarity 

The clarity of the diamonds when they are flawless will be extremely expensive. But most of the diamonds will have black tiny marks, and the diamonds will be categorised according to the acceptable inclusions. The grades are known as VS, and they are numbered to mention clarity. VS1 and VS2 are satisfactory grades that are pretty expensive, and one can cut down the cost by covering the black inclusions with the prongs and setting the diamond accordingly. 


  • Carat and Size 

The weight of a diamond is known as a carat. The depth of the diamond will be related to the price, and a deep cut diamond has more weight and is more in carat. All diamonds will lose some of its weight after it gets polished and the final weight of the diamond is what matters. So, a person has to analyse the jeweller the end weight and then pay for it. To save on money, a small trick is just to make a point difference in choosing the size as it will not make much of a visual difference but will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the price.  


Purchasing solitaires may be difficult, but one has to finally settle on the perfect stone by looking at various stones and then putting the heart and soul into it. Then one has to choose one within their budget, and besides all the above-discussed points to make the diamond jewellery more affordable, another simple hack is to compromise on the metal purity. 14k and 18k gold will decrease the cost of the whole ornament, specifically in solitaire pendants and is the best way to buy a solitaire on budget.

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