Every person starts from ground zero. It only requires a little guidance and the self-belief that one can achieve something that is not very common or, in broader terms, more ordinary. Concerning stereotyping it as ‘ordinary,’ some people often state that law is seldom associated with entrepreneurship. The fusion between law and entrepreneurship is an uncommon one, and not many people excel at it. People who study law are called lawyers, and these are focused professionals who solve cases with dignity after gaining the client’s trust. Their risk-taking ability knows no bounds, and these professionals always aim to be reactive rather than innovative. This particular strategy helps them remain focused, and their risk-taking ability always enables them to do wonders.

On the contrary, entrepreneurs are people with a completely different mindset. They have the passion, courage, knowledge, vision, mission, resources, scalability criteria, results, expertise, and many more elements that help them set a benchmark with the kind of business they establish. The performance of these entrepreneurs is usually measured in performance metrics that allow them to grow and constantly improve. One of the jobs an entrepreneur has is to up with new business models in response to the observed voids in the market. Observing both these dynamics has completely different approaches, but one element that helps a person prove their grounds as an entrepreneur while being a lawyer is the ‘risk-taking ability.’ The specific ability paves new ways to explore entrepreneurship from a different perspective and tends to help people around them. One such person who is proving himself as an entrepreneur by owning a law firm today is Manuel E Aguirre.

The Hardworking Soul

Born on December 04, 1959, in Lima, Peru, Manuel E Aguirre is an American Lawyer based in Los Angeles, California. He is the founder of the “Law Offices of Manuel E Aguirre, Inc.,” a law firm dedicated exclusively to representing injured workers in the State of California. Before reaching this state of owning a law firm, Manuel went through different phases of life, including educational and professional. He was raised in many countries and subsequently went on pursuing his studies. Completing his education in Political Sciences and Law at the University of Lima in 1988, Manuel also possessed knowledge in Theology and Philosophy. The sufficient knowledge gained over time helped him pursue his career as a full-time lawyer. A little twist to the story is that Manuel belongs to a family of artists (music and painting and editors). His aspirations were artistic during childhood. Completely different from what law is about, since a young child, Manuel was studying oil and pastel painting under his uncle, Alfredo Aguirre, a notable Peruvian painter and musician.

Manuel’s childhood was uneventful, splitting time with brothers and sisters between their city house the personal one at the beach in summer times. As a young child, he played soccer for his local team and did equestrian jumping for several years. Growing up and pursuing his education in law, Manuel did know that his artistic side wouldn’t just vanish like that. He also wanted to keep his law side alive, and so he did. Manuel subsequently started his career as a Legal Advisor to the Board of Directors of Pacific Chemical SA, a subsidiary of the Morton Salt Corporation. Growing and excelling, in 1992, he was admitted to the State Bar of California and worked at a law firm dedicated to Workers’ Compensation, where he became a partner three years later. From 2000 to 2004, Manuel E Aguirre was the judge in the court show “La Corte Familiar,” which aired on prime time from 5 pm to 6 pm on Channel 22, Los Angeles, a subsidiary of Telemundo. There were approximately 850 one-hour shows aired divided into two cases per show.

The Journey From a Lawyer to An Entrepreneur

 On April 30, 2003, Manuel E Aguirre opened his law firm, which has been serving the interest of the injured workers successfully since then. The opening of his law firm was due to his inspirations, which led to where his journey started. His inspirations included Jorge Luis Borges, JFK, Tiziano Vecellio, Diego da Silva Velazquez, and Marco Tulio Cicero, the famous Roman lawyer.

Manuel’s journey of opening up a law firm dates back to when he began by sharing a penthouse with Johnny Cochran, the leading attorney in the O.J. Simpson case, and who also represented other celebrities like Michael Jackson, etc. Mr Cochran. Meanwhile, Manuel established a cordial and professional relationship and exchanged professional advice between law firms. Manuel states his views, “Being a lawyer has an artistic part to it. Representing a client is almost like being an actor playing the part and placing your client in the most favorable light before the judge. In this sense, I like what I do.” He further discusses how his physical achievements helped him in growing his law firm, “A the time I opened my law firm, The Law Office of Manuel E Aguirre, I was a known lawyer in Los Angeles, having been on prime time tv (station owned by Telemundo) for almost four years in a court show named “La Corte Familiar”.. This fact was very helpful in establishing my own business.”

Even though he is an entrepreneur today, Manuel states that every case needs to be treated with dignity and respect as a lawyer. To him, cases are multiple types, either easy or challenging, and Manuel likes challenging cases. It promotes creativity and a higher degree of responsibility. The responsibility factor has helped Manuel excel on many grounds. He also passed the California bar at his first attempt and settled the highest workers compensation case in California history for 7 minion dollars in 2011.

­Since 2020 Manuel E Aguirre has been an advisor of litigation strategies for different firms in different parts of the world. This work is being done ‘ad honorem”. He also serves as the President of his law firm and is a member of The State Bar of California. Manuel E Aguirre has obtained many of the most successful results in the history of Workers Compensation cases in California, ranging up to seven million dollars. He subsequently proved himself as an entrepreneur by establishing a law firm. Today, many entrepreneurs are entering the legal space. The so-called ‘unusual fusion’ of law and entrepreneurship was now not as ordinary. Concluding the former statement, Manuel has proved himself an entrepreneur and wants to continue providing legal representation for injured workers. His determination proves him focused, proving that he has a long way to go!


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