The Best Celebrity Airport Looks in 2020

All celebrities love to glam up for the camera, don’t they! It’s part of the job, after all. From the runways to the movie set to the simple shopping expedition, everything is photographed. They cannot shed their glamorous personas in their day-to-day affairs. Paparazzi can be anywhere, so they have to be camera-ready. The airport is the place where even the prettiest face looks haggard. But our loving celebrities have invented the airport look effortlessly. We can surely take lessons in style from our models and actresses.

Airport Looks and 2000s

In the last decade, many celebrities whose airport look became viral but were copied by many people. As if that weren’t enough, many celebs became the talk of the town after they made sweatpants look good. It was widely accepted that if they can do it, we can look fabulous while doing it.

Let us not forget how Victoria Beckham proudly announced that she treats the airport lobby as her runway. She proved the term quite vehemently by wearing the most fashionable looks.  Why shouldn’t she? Most of the paparazzi will be found at an airport for the perfect photo they can get of the celebrity. If I would be on the camera 24/7, you must believe that I will leave no stone unturned to look like a spice girl.

Airport Looks and Paparazzi

The airport outfit became a whole fashion category in the 2000s. Paparazzi were mostly found in their natural habitat, outside the Los Angeles Airport. The cameramen became ready to capture the pictures of the angels that descended upon the city of angels. Of course, celebrities took notice of this. Then came the best photographs of many celebrities that stole the hearts and graced many fashion magazines' pages.

How do celebrities achieve that airport look?

What were the secrets of the best-photographed looks? After a complete research on the internet, here is what I saw;

  • Lots of layering up: Many celebrities chose to layer up. The amount of clothing is directly proportional to a good airport photograph. A leather jacket is thrown upon a sweatshirt with a pair of leggings and sneakers because heels might hurt the feet. Scarves and caps are also used in the layerings because why not?
  • Sunglasses: We cannot ignore the abundance of sunglasses in the airport look. The dark circles due to jet lag remain hidden, and the look is enhanced.


Leggings are comfortable to wear, and they can be styled with almost anything. Leggings with a crop top and a long overcoat are among the best airport looks so far.


If we are talking about overcoats, we cannot forget the long coats. Not only do long coats hide the stains (if any), they also make you look chic and classy. We cannot forget Jlo’s airport look of a full black ensemble with a long beige coat.


Should you wear jewelry or not? It’s a choice. Many celebs have worn jewelry and looked classy while wearing it, but overall, wearing jewelry is a hassle and can cause skin irritation during long flights.


Heels are a no-deal during flights. You cannot worry about foot sores on a long flight. Wear loafers, sneakers, or comfy slippers. They are much more comfortable than heels.

No Makeup

Never wear makeup at the airport. Okay, celebrities tend to avoid makeup on long flights. The makeup can be smudged and make you look horrible.

Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, and Kendell Jenner served looks in their airport attires. The pre-lockdown airport looks of celebrities were something to write home about.  Gigi Hadid was seen leaving for Paris following a Milan fashion show in a two-piece orange suit with a beige undershirt underneath. Sunglasses were the only accessory the model donned when photographed.

Bella Hadid shared the airport runway with her sister with a leather jacket worn over an orange t-shirt with a bucket hat. Irina Shayk opted for a pinstripe blazer with knee-high boots. The look became the town's talk and left us wondering if the model was comfortable at all on the flight. The airport runway queen Victoria Beckham wore a striped sweater over a pencil skirt. The model also wore open-toe boots that were from here on collection. Kendell  Jenner wore a two-piece knit suit at the airport.


2020 became the ear of high airport fashion. The models served to look first on the Milan Fashion Show's runway and then on the airport runway. Many photos of them can be found easily on the internet. We can only hope to look as good as Gigi, Bella, and Victoria. We are praying fervently that the pandemic ends so our eyes can be blessed with the best looks. Let's hope for the best.


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