Shower enclosure is the future in the UK

Enclosures are valuable home investments. It is not only there in your homes that you can use for the next ten or so years, but it is also considered a single selling point when you come to sell. So, you need the right advice to arm with when buying a shower enclosure; so that you can get the best of both your cubicle and your bathroom to meet your needs.

Size and shape

In all different shapes, sizes, and heights, enclosures are readily available. If you want to look at the shape of your bathroom; space, and the position you want your new shower cubicle. Then it is possible to decide what shape is either square, rectangular, or elongated. How far from the wall is the shower enclosure is your decision, but do not try to put one in your bathroom and do not have space to move. This is your choice regarding the height. However, the height of your ceilings may also depend on that elevation.

Positioning of enclosure, tray, and tiles

Your bathroom needs the placement of your cubicle rightly. You can either lose space or gain space, depending on your bathroom's size. Likewise, you can save time and money by installing a new enclosure in the same location as the old bathtub. You must, however, check that the old location is appropriate or that it looks better somewhere else. Surprisingly, you can live with it for the 10 years to come, so it is important to make the correct choice.

You choose whether to walk in a shower that does not require a shower booth or an enclosure that requires a tray; when you buy. A shower tray is perhaps as important as a panel and people often decide to build a cubicle around the shower tray they have chosen. But what kind of panel and shower can you choose is up to you; just remember that they need to correctly fit together otherwise they will leak. It is essential to lay tile on the walls before the tray installs in this area. This makes your job much easier because you do not have to cut the tile or try to work inside. The sealing of tiles is also important.

Go for a safe test

  1. Corrosion: When you buy your case, it is wise to purchase a company that has performed several tests, including an anti-corrosion salt test of its products and its fittings especially. Many enclosures installed in premises around the UK look worn particularly when chrome plating has chipped away, turning it into a cheap shower cubicle. The purchase from a reputable company of a high-quality case will help to reduce the risk of corrosion.

  2. Door rollers: This can sound odd, but door rollers are crucial when you buy a shower. It is advisable to ask what tests have performed on the shower rollers; if the information on the tests that performed are not available. Admittedly, the door rollers can use 7 times a day or might use so many times depending on your family size.

  3. Leakage Check: Many enclosures leak and not only their look and sensation but also their bathroom decoration spoils. It is wise to choose a good waterproof seal that will place around the edges of the shower frame to reduce such leaks; if you apply magnetic strips around the shower doors. Water escapes from the edges will stop at better results. A good seal also enhances the bathroom's look and feel when it appears neat and smooth.

  4. Door Handles: Many tests on shower doors on various shower enclosures can perform. Many tests have shown that solid metal door handles are reliable and more elegant; than chromium-plated door handles. Tests on plastic shower handles show that they are considerably weaker than them.

Shower enclosure at the Royal Bathrooms

Apart from the shower enclosure, the half-framed enclosures are the second-best option for those who are on a tight budget but want their bathrooms to be designed in elegance at the same time. Half-framed enclosures are supplied with door sides, but they are not on the top and the bottom. This makes the enclosure like the non-framing style, but affordable. Google now!



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