IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT ĐÀO MINH QUÂN has used his finance to support Vietnamese Boat Compatriots in the 17 refugee camps Through Out SE-ASIA from 1987 to 1995.

California, US. In the 1980s, a prominent businessman appeared in the Vietnamese community in the United States. Mr. ĐÀO MINH QUÂN, a former soldier of the Republic of Vietnam (RVN), followed the wave of crossing the sea from Vietnam to escape the communist regime, settling in the United States with his family on August 14, 1980. Just a few years later, he became an American millionaire, owning many successful businesses in America. He was an engineer of Measurement System & Controls company and researched Computer / IBM Compatible, implementing improved Bios (Basic I / O System), and founding Clone Master INC. In 1983-1984, he experimented with producing a computer called Dao Computer that the speed was nearly twice as fast as the IBM computer but cheaper, called the IBM Clone. He founded Dao Computer Inc. In addition, he was also the head of the trade magazine "Vietnam Business Magazine", the president of the international trading company "Pacific Trading and Consulting", and the owner of the "Teletech Paging" Company and the "Magic-Talk" company."

At the same time, he soon joined the anti-communist National Vietnamese movement activities as soon as he arrived in the United States. Based on his own money from his companies, he created a fund for young students, newcomers to the United States, taught them to learn English, and used computers to integrate into the third country. In 1987, he proclaimed the New Democracy Era, and on March 15, 1990, he officially established the Vietnam New Democracy Movement. This movement mobilized the Democratic Solidarity Congress to establish the Provisional National Government of Vietnam (PNGVN), following the National Government of Emperor Bao Dai, which gathered Vietnamese patriots to restore the Republic regime for Vietnam. And then he was elected by the Vietnamese people of three generations of Elder - Middle - Youth as the Prime Minister of the PNGVN on February 16, 1991, and put him in a confrontation with the communists, becoming their target of pursuit. He bought 40 acres of land in the Adelanto desert, decided to retreat and set up a foundation of the PNGVN there.

In the same year 1990, the United States planned to engage with the Vietnamese communists in 1995; The UN stopped funding communist refugee camps in Southeast Asia. 200,000 Vietnamese refugees are still in five (5) countries (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines) waiting to be resettled in the third country, while the host country's government also decided to close. these camps, suppressing refugees to force them to repatriate.

Vietnamese communist refugees who fled the country had to endure dangerous arduous journeys and were very lucky to keep their lives reaching the refugee camps. Forced repatriation, they were like falling hell. Moreover, due to the lack of funding, the Vietnamese in 17 refugee camps in Southeast Asia at that time fell into despair, living short of both food and medicine and being sick. Having no choice, they spontaneously struggled without organization, command, and leader, so they were even more severely suppressed, even killed, with lying corpses paralyzed, dead by gunshot, poisonous smoke, tear gas, beaten with batons. There were tragic scenes such as Many people climbing to the high roof repeatedly waving SOS signals for help, some people burned themselves and stabbed themselves belly to suicide ...

Mr. ĐÀO MINH QUÂN, knew this situation, made a difficult decision: Selling the rights to the BIOS and his businesses, to have monetary funds to help his compatriots in 17 refugee camps, and at the same time he also postponed retreating in the Tụ Nghĩa Đường (Adelanto Desert), accepting to venture into danger, because of the calls for help that go through the blue sky of his compatriots.

He helped them both physically and mentally. He personally and silently went to the refugee camps to comfort their spirits, opened teaching classes, and founded the New Democracy Movement. He sent them medicine, clothes and books, instructing them to fight in an organized, commanding, legal and non-violent manner.

His lifesaving appearance gave the Vietnamese refugees confidence again, and they felt they had support. He instructed them to rebuild the tents to live in, build homes for the orphans, also opened teaching classes, instructed them to build tables and chairs, provided them with the necessities, including cloth to make uniforms: trousers and shirts for men, long dresses (áo dài) for women. All the Vietnamese in the 17 refugee camps were strengthened and formed into formation, trained and began to have a New Democratic movement in the refugee camps. Thanks to that, they knew how to set up the altars to honor the Motherland with the words "REGAIN ANCESTRAL LANDS - END POPULACE SUFFERING". Most of them participated in the Vietnam New Democratic movement and the campaign stomping Hồ Chí Minh (HCM) 's face, which he initiated.

The protests of the 17 refugee camps that were organized took place between the end of 1990 to the beginning of 1991. On the day of the protest, all were dressed in uniforms; men had shirts and pants, ID tagged bags, white cloth wrapped around their forehead with the words "FREEDOM OR DEAD"; women wore white "áo dài" uniforms. In the protests, they lined up, orderly and full of the RVN flags flying, with banners, "NEW DEMOCRACY REPLACING COMMUNISM", "VIETNAMESE PEOPLE AND VIETNAM NEW DEMOCRACY ARE ONE". The three camps leading the protest were camp Asian Tai, White Head and High-Island in Hong Kong; then camps Sikiew, Panat-Nikhom in Thailand; Camps Pulau Bidong in Malaysia; camps Galang I, Galang II in Indonesia and Palawan in the Philippines. It was the most prominent large-scale and organized general protest, which made a massive impact globally, changing the policy of the United Nations, the United States and several host countries.

The United States has allowed 15,000 people to settle in the United States. The remaining 185,000 people returned to Vietnam with the guaranteed safety and peace of the UN. Most returnees signed to stomp on HCM's face, a talisman for them, proving that they were political refugees that the UN protected. Moreover, each person received a grant of $50 / month from the CPA fund of the UN. They came to receive this money every month, which was also the way the UN could control, so the communists dared not take revenge. Thanks to that, they were safely protected.

From 1991 to 1995, Mr. ĐÀO MINH QUÂN travelled to many countries to visit his people, to learn about their situation when settling in the third country. By the way, he campaigned for the local authority to help his people.

The heart of Imperial Duke President ĐÀO MINH QUÂN, consistent, immense and generous to his Vietnamese people, even though he has suffered countless disrespectful treatment, even lack of fairness that some newspapers and overseas Vietnamese treated him. On April 14, 2021, the International Environment Court ruled on his lawsuit against Chinese Communists and Vietnamese Communist, and he won $38 trillion $US. (https://youtu.be/td8Ju03hC1Y). He has no intention of using it to enrich himself. However, as he said, "We will share this victory with the United States and the free world, as well as to help and rescue the Vietnamese people and all humanity from the communist red devil."



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