How to start a business online


Have you ever thought that the money you are earning as a full-time professional isn’t fulfilling your need? I guess rightly so. Amidst the inflation going on in the global market, even it is due to COVID-19, it is very difficult to cope up with the challenges of fulfilling the needs of your family members and other dependents. Therefore, the need for the part-time business is in high demand. 

While you reach your home after a hectic day, another important factor is to do something part-time that can cater to your basic needs. 

While COVID has hit the entire world. Working from home has become a prime necessity. Taking advantage of such a thing, top telecom services in India have introduced lucrative internet options that can lure the public. Also, it a bit of a freebie in the mere starting. 

But that is the other side of the story. The main story is that the internet has become prominent due to the rise in COVID-19. Still, now, COVID-19 is doing a great trick in changing the entire façade of the world. Therefore, now it’s a necessity for the internet. There are several ways through which you can earn money through the internet. One such way is through digital marketing. Various digital marketing companies in Chandigarh through whom you can learn something. 

Ways to earn money online

Digital marketing is we all know what it is exactly. But apart from this, we do have several other ways to start a business online at the comfort of yourself. All you required is a stable internet connection and a sound system. Below we have put down some interesting ways to earn money online. 


  • Professional writer- if you think you are good at writing by engulfing creativity. Then yes, professional writing is for you. You can easily kickstart your online career by writing some great content and blogs and let it public on the top blogging sites or a guest post on other platforms. Not only this, you can even write the eBooks and sell them online. It is one of the great ways to earn money online especially for users who have got sound English skills and basic knowledge of computers. 
  •  Professional blogging- there lies a difference between blogging and professional blogging. Blogging we do as our hobby but the professional hobby is done to earn our livings. Both these forms are important. You need to start with just blogging before initiating your career in professional blogging. Create a website for yourself and write some vital SEO-friendly blogs that could lure the attention of audiences which through Adsense, you can make money online. One of the convenient yet hard-working ways to earn. 
  •  Selling domain- it is one of the oldest methods to earn money online. Buy any domain whose niche has demand in the market and sell it online in an auction. I am sure that will boost your bidding skills as well. This is not a preferred method as it required a high level of expertise but yes, one of the methods that could fetch you a high amount of money in the coming days. 
  •  Affiliate marketing- another method to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. Though it is also a part of digital marketing there is a slight difference which is digital marketing is used to rank your website with the use of keywords. While affiliate marketing is earning through the click on the ad posted on your site and further the user buy the product online. It is not that the entire profit will be bestowed on you. You will be entitled to commissions ranging from percentage and brand to brand. 

 Unlike other methods mentioned above, where you have to do intensive hard work. Here, you don’t require much hard work but yes, here you require a high level of awareness and attentiveness to look for the particular ad been posted on your site. 

  • eCommerce store- have you ever thought of taking your business to the international market? Then, yes eCommerce store is perfectly suited for that particular thing. Let us suppose, you are having the cricket bat and you think that the bat is in huge demand in the United Kingdom. What you do, you try to put that bat in an eCommerce store and sell the bat to the customer there. 

 Here, you are the seller, and the client is the buyer. eCommerce store can be termed as the medium. Though, some amount of commission will be taken by that particular eCommerce website. Overall, the profit is quite huge in this case. 


  • Selling photos- as we know that picture speaks a thousand words. If you think you have got great photographic skills, also you have a DSLR camera then click the random pictures of the destination where you visit and get the stock photography to a higher level. 

But here, you have got the initial investment in buying the DSLR camera which is nowadays costing more than lakhs. Prefer the basic level DSLR and once you have the camera, you are good to go. Worth noting point is in all the cases like professional writing and photos, creativity with sound knowledge as a sophisticated person is very important. It is not that case that sophistication can impart you best in a business professional. But yes, that could make your overall expertise in your field in less time frame. 

Start a podcast channel-amidst the fast life, users generally prefer listening to podcasts than blogs. That is where you can grab the opportunity of starting your podcasting channel. Here you don’t need to just speak the story. You can speak on trendy issues like IPL and COVID-19 etc. 


Above are some of the ways through which you can earn money online. The appropriate word to be used here is effective. These methods are highly effective and any person can implement these ways and earn handsomely doing part-time. But not at the expense of losing the full-time job. 

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