How To Maintain Good Health Of Trees Planted In Your Yard?

Most trees can easily pass the tough times such as Pine. But some trees need extra care to maintain their good health. They cannot easily bear the changing weather. Some beautiful trees need little extra care and maintenance to ensure their long life. People who want to keep their outdoor green are looking out for different ways to keep trees strong and healthy for many years.

Here, in this write-up, I have listed few points that can help you to restore the good health of trees:

1.Choose Right Species Of Tree

The process of maintaining the good health of trees starts from the plantation process. You should choose the right species of trees according to the place and climate. You should choose only those species that can grow well in your climatic regions. Once you have selected the right species, then the next important thing that you need to consider is a plantation of the tree at the right place. You should choose that region in your house where your tree can get enough sunlight and sufficient space to grow the full canopy. Before starting the plantation, you should also ensure that there are no power lines around the tree. Also, you should plant it too deeply.

2.Adequate Watering

Newly planted tree needs more water as compared to the old trees. If you want to make sure that your tree grows well, then you should properly water your tree. If it is very hot outside, then you should check whether your tree needs water. In an ideal scenario, the old trees need one inch of water in a week. The new trees demand more water as compared to the mature trees. Therefore, the new trees demand approximately 4 to 10 gallons of water a week, especially during the first growing season.  


Mulch helps in retaining moisture and prevents soil from drying. Also, mulch helps in insulating the tree roots and protect them from the lawnmower. It is recommended to spread mulch around the 2 to 4 inches of the tree. While spreading the mulch, you should be careful and make sure that it does not touch the base of the trunk.

4.Apply Fertilizer

You should call the professionals for a soil test in your yard. If your soil is deficient in any type of nutrient then you should use fertilizer. Make sure to read the instructions before applying the fertilizer. Trees in the forest naturally grow healthier and taller. It is so because the soil in the forest naturally gets the nutrients from the dead and broken branches, fallen leaves, etc.

In our yard, we remove fallen leaves and grass clippings. Thus, we need to apply the fertilizer to foster the growth of trees in our yard. You should take recommendations from the tree professional for the fertilizers in your yard. It is recommended that you should apply a slow-release fertilizer in your yard. You should keep checking the nutrient level of the soil periodically.

5.Regular Pruning & Trimming

You should call the tree professional at least once a year for pruning and trimming purposes. These practices can help in improving the growth of the tree and also help in improving the structure of the tree. By implementing the pruning technique, you can get rid of broken branches of the tree that are unnecessarily using the water and nutrients supplied to the trees.

After removing these branches, water and nutrients will be redistributed and help in the quick growth of trees. If you want to implement the major tree pruning practices, then you should implement them during the dormant season. During the summer season. You should pay attention to only tidying up and removing damaged twigs.

6.Book Sign-ups

Trees can catch diseases easily and they can also spread them to other trees in their surroundings. You should regularly inspect trees in your yard. In case, you observe any signs of damage, then you should consider calling tree professionals immediately such as tree services Sydney contractors. The professionals have good knowledge and good experience in this field and they can give you the right suggestion.

It is better to diagnose three problems as early as possible. Otherwise, they will start creating the problem and most trees' problems are treatable only in the early stages. You should be aware of the signs of tree problems. While booking tree professionals for inspection of your trees, you should call only ISA Certified Arborist. They can thoroughly inspect your trees and can suggest the right action plan.

Wrap Up:

If you want to keep your yard green and beautiful, you should start paying attention to the health of your trees. It is recommended that you should consider the above-mentioned points for fostering the growth of trees in your yard.


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