How to Grout Outdoor Tile

Grouting outside tile on a concrete patio slab is lots like grouting indoors tile, with some key differences. First, the grout should be rated for outside programs. Second, a number of the grout traces ought to be full of caulk in place of grout, to create enlargement joints that permit the tile to extend and agreement with temperature changes. And third, outside grout should be implemented and completely cured in dry climate in the grout's unique temperature range. If rain is expected, you could want to tent the location to preserve the grout dry at the same time as it cures (on occasion for numerous days).

Working With Outdoor Tile Grout

There are  primary varieties of grout which can be appropriate for outside use and are incredibly DIY-friendly: widespread cement-primarily based totally grout and pre-combined grout. Again, each kinds should be rated for outside use.

Cement-primarily based totally grout is a dry powder which you blend with water (or a liquid additive) previous to application. Most outside programs name for a sanded grout, that is used for grout joints 1/eight inch or wider (for smaller joints, you could use unsanded grout). Cement-primarily based totally grout used exterior should be rated for "no efflorescence" to make certain that the grout might not effloresce or lose moisture and broaden a chalky white residue. Cement-primarily based totally grouts additionally ought to be sealed periodically for climate- and stain-resistance.

Pre-combined grout is made with a polymer, including acrylic, and does now no longer comprise cement. It is bought in tubs and is truely implemented proper out of the box with out blending. Pre-combined grouts have a tendency to be greater bendy than cement grouts, which can also additionally assist withstand cracking in damaging conditions. But possibly the exceptional benefit of pre-combined grout is that it does now no longer want to be sealed.

When to Grout Outdoor Tile

Plan your grouting undertaking for proper climate, and be organized to cowl any uncovered areas, if necessary. Both cement-primarily based totally and pre-combined grouts normally should be implemented while the air and floor screeds temperatures are as a minimum 50 levels and no greater than ninety or one hundred levels Fahrenheit. Both additionally want approximately seventy two hours for the preliminary therapy and might want as much as seven days to therapy completely. During this time, the tile location should be completely blanketed from the rain. Rain safety should permit for ok airflow to make certain right curing. Grout sealer additionally should continue to be dry because it cures


  • Clean the Tiles - Use a application knife to cautiously scrape out any thinset mortar (the tile adhesive which you used to bond the tiles to the concrete slab) which could have squeezed out among the tiles whilst you set them. The thinset is a exclusive shadeation than the grout and might display thru if it isn't always eliminated. Clean the surfaces of the tiles with a humid sponge.
  • Caulk the Expansion Joints - Fill the grout for tiles joints which you have distinct as enlargement joints with a industrial silicone caulk or different bendy outside sealant designed for this application. Smooth the caulked joints together along with your finger so they may seem like stuffed grout traces. Let the caulk therapy in a single day or as directed.
  • Prepare the Grout- Mix cement-primarily based totally grout in a bucket with water or a liquid additive, following the manufacturer's directions. Mix the grout very well with a drill and combining paddle, blending simplest as an awful lot grout as you could use in the operating time of the product. Let the grout sit, or "slake," for some minutes, if directed via way of means of the integration instructions. If you are the usage of pre-combined grout, truely open the grout box; you do now no longer want to combine or in any other case put together the grout. However, you could want to moisten the tile surfaces with a humid sponge.
  • Fill the Grout Joints - Plan to paintings in small areas, including three via way of means of three feet, at a time. Scoop up a few grout with a grout waft and drop it onto the tile floor. Spread the grout over the tile faces and grout joints, preserving the waft at a 45-diploma perspective to the tile faces and transferring it diagonally throughout the joints. Use the waft to pressure the grout into the joints, making more than one passes from exclusive diagonal directions.
  • Remove Excess Grout - Hold the waft almost vertical (at ninety levels) to the tile and scrape off extra grout from the tile faces, once more transferring diagonally throughout the tiles and grout joints. Moving parallel to the joints can be pull out grout from the joints. Scrape the waft in opposition to the brink of the bucket or box to smooth the waft as you paintings (you could use the eliminated grout on different tiles).

Outdoor Tile Grouting Tips

One of the principle demanding situations novices face while grouting is the operating time of the grout, or the quantity of time you've got got earlier than the grout begins offevolved to harden. If the climate is over eighty levels F and/or there's direct solar hitting the tile, the grout can also additionally installation greater quick than the product's widespread operating time. For this reason, it is exceptional to grout while the solar isn't always hitting the tile. If the climate is hot, begin grouting in a totally small location to get a experience for the real operating time earlier than grouting over large areas


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