How to Evaluate the Proposals of Roofing Companies

When replacing the roof of your home, it can take some time and effort to come to a decision on which roofing companies you can trust to do such important work.

How will you decide once you narrow down your choices?

There are a few things to consider when deciding which roofing companies will do the best job for you. Many check with family and friends to see who has used it or might recommend it to you. There are online reviews and other professional associations that can help you determine the quality of your ceilings.

Did the roofing company give you a written copy of the estimate given? The best estimate is when in writing, and anytime you meet with roofing companies do not accept a verbal offer. A contractor should not be considered if they cannot provide you with a written estimate.

What should your written version of the proposal say? You want to know what to choose when deciding which grade to go for, protect yourself by knowing exactly what your grade includes. Price and final cost are not the only things an estimate should contain. The roof should also state the specifications for the shingles used as well as the manufacturer.

Did the roofing contractor provide courteous and prompt service? When working with roofing companies, you can often determine the quality of service only by how you treat yourself before the job. It can be a sign of a great roofing company when the manager or even the owner contacts you with questions or general information. Were all your phone calls and questioning answered in a timely manner? Was the company on time for all of your appointments? If the answer is no, these are early warning signs to beware of that company, it shows how they are likely to deal with you.

How does the company get paid? Any company that will ask you to pay for work before it is completed is not a company you want to trust. Legitimate and honest roofing companies will not demand your payment until the job is completed and you are satisfied.

Is the roofing company licensed and insured? Check with your local city or state to verify that this company is licensed. When asking the contractor if he is insured, it is not recommended to take his word for it. This is something you will want to receive in written form, clearly stated in the offer or appreciation.

Is there a wide range of shingles for you to choose? Having roofs that are able to show off a variety of shingles from different manufacturers is usually a good sign. You'll want to be able to choose the panels for your home whether it's the color, the warranty or the overall design, you'll want to find what works for you. A roofing company that only carries one brand of shingle should ask you to guess your contractor choice.

What is their cleaning policy and how will they protect your stuff? When you come home after a long day at work and you've been working on roofing, do you want to come home to using shingles all over your yard and messy shrubs? No you did not. Obviously it is not possible to fix the ceiling without making some mess, there will be debris. However, a reputable company will make sure these areas are cleaned properly and will do a final round with you to make sure the area is clean, and the new roof is satisfactory.

Does the ceiling have a follow-up or guarantee on any of their work? Roofing isn't something that gets replaced often, so you're not likely to see your roofing company after work is done. It is important for you to know what kind of guarantee or guarantee is being given on the work, and it is best to include this in your written proposal. It's comforting to know that your roofing owner will stand behind the work they did, and in the unlikely event of a problem, the roofing company will stand behind you.


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