How to create a cheap website, quickly?

You are a beginner or confirmed entrepreneur, you need a website to develop your activity and increase your visibility on the internet.

You know that despite the ever-increasing number of social networks, your website is crucial to your success.

It's a bit like your base camp where your future clients can discover you.

Several options are available to you:

I present some of them to you today.

Do it yourself from A to Z

Unparalleled freedom is available to you if you decide to create your website.

Is IT not your cup of tea? Rest assured, many websites, blogs, videos allow you to remedy this. You will need to spend time polishing your site. It all depends on the features you want to implement. We all have a great product or service in mind, but an average or even obsolete site: that doesn't inspire confidence!


Suddenly, visitors go their way and look elsewhere.

It's up to you to play to learn how to do it and get to work.

If you want to start selling online, I have a simple solution for you here.

We explain how to do it from A to Z quickly and easily.

Sites to learn how to create a website

There are many websites to learn how to create one.

The major disadvantage of this type of method is indeed the level of computer skills required not only for the creation but also for the maintenance of the site.


Plus, as an entrepreneur, you have other things to do! Can you think of making your business card out of paper and a scissor?

Do you have the skills to rank your site prominently on Google and not fall into oblivion on the internet?


Of course not, unless it's your job, then everyone has their skills!

Note, however: most web training courses are eligible for personal training leave and individual training leave.

Call in a professional Website

Indeed, there are many of them and at your service, once your expectations are in their hands, you will have a great site: fluid, concrete Finally, if all goes well and you find the right person: /

He will try to understand what you expect from your site so that it looks like you: classified ads, showcase site, associations, e-commerce, mobile compatibility the possibilities are endless!

But also what you want to put there: photo gallery, video, tutorials, contact forms, product catalog, newsletter.

They will offer you services such as site management, referencing, advice, hosting, and of course the security of your customer files.

Once your request has been identified, he will offer you a quote, and there… It is sometimes a bit expensive! On the contrary, for an inexpensive site that you will get quick, you will have to make some concessions on the quality. Rather than going through an agency, a less expensive solution may be to hire an independent developer. However, he will be the sole master on board your website, which can be a disadvantage if he is absent in the event of a site failure.

But are you ready to invest in your website?

If you have the means, then go for it… It's up to you!

Do it in a few clicks with a "turnkey" service

You still have an intermediate solution: the services offered by the hosts. The work will be done and your site will look like a "pro" site!

These solutions will be ideal because of the number of possibilities they offer without the need for technical knowledge. Thus, you will be able to benefit from a site editor as well as the integration of an online store or image editing tools. The 1 & 1 host even offers advice on how to optimize the SEO of your new site. 

The main disadvantage of these types of solutions is the dependency they will create. You can only rely on the features available from the provider. It is not possible to add modules yourself, the service provider being the owner of the system.


Remember, your site is your best business card! It represents you and your Insurance business on the Internet.

This is your sales representative available 24/7.

It is therefore very important that the site is concise, clear, easy to use, and bug-free because there is nothing more annoying for a visitor. But also it must be updated regularly to have a permanent attractiveness and transform your visitors into potential customers.


If your website is important, what is MUCH more important is learning how to get customers to come on it! 


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