Houston Astros Primer

The Houston Astros is an extremely likable team to watch. They are extremely stable, which is essential in a team of players who like to take the ball every fifth day. They have a very good line up and the players seem to gel well together, which is also important. The players are also smart with the game and know how to pick teams to beat. In short, they play good baseball.


There is no doubt that the team plays great baseball. This season, however, has been anything but good for the Astros. They are not playing at their usual top-notch level, and there are a lot of reasons for that. Let's start with the team as a whole. It's been obvious all year long that this is a team that needs help, and it hasn't exactly been getting it.

Right now, the starting rotation is littered with pitchers who aren't exactly pitching at their best. The team as a whole isn't performing at its best, and in some instances, the Houston Astros have been outscored 14-3 during their three losses. Right now, they are in line to lose the first series in the World Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers. That is bad news for the Astros.


However, it's good news for the fans. The Houston Astros has given us something to smile about. Right now, they only have one starter (ace pitcher Bud Norris) who has started consistently all year. The rest of the lineup is filled with players who have either played well or just played poorly this year. So, what is going on? Why hasn't the Houston Astros picked up where they left off last year?


There are a few possible reasons why this hasn't happened. First, there is the matter of team chemistry. This isn't something that has been a huge problem in the past. The reason for that is that the players know each other very well, so the chemistry is usually there. Of course, sometimes things happen, and the chemistry just doesn't come into play.


Secondly, the hitters themselves might be lacking a little bit of pop. It could be that they're hitting from the top of the barrel more often, but that isn't saying much. It's not like any of them are consistently swiping better balls than the opposing team. If you are looking for tickets then tickets for Astros games 2021 can be purchased online from Bbtix.


Maybe (perhaps) the most important issue that surrounds the team right now is the pitching. Right now, we've heard enough about the struggles of the rotation to make anyone think that they're going to pull a rabbit out of the hat any time soon. For whatever reason, that hasn't happened. So, what's happening? Is this year's Houston Astros just another subpar season, or do they have a real chance to dethrone the Texas Rangers as the Texas League's best team?


Unfortunately, it's tough to tell at this point. It's only July and some factors could change by the end of the season. Certainly, it's a trend that looks to continue, but it's also fair to say that it's tough to make a firm prediction at this point. The only way to find out is to sit back and watch the Houston Astros for a bit and decide for yourself.


As always, Houston has some interesting characters. It's a great town, and they love to show it off in their sports. With that said, it's been a rough go of it so far this season. The offense has been dreadful, while the defense hasn't been good, and that's resulted in some injuries to key players. Of course, this is why everybody else is watching out for the bats, because if the Houston Astros can't be fielding a quality pitcher then they're going to get swept in the Wild Card game.


That said, if you're willing to hang in there and hope whatever Matt Garneau or perhaps closer Billings happens to have an off day then Houston will be in the thick end of the pack. Last year's playoff team, the Texas Rangers, lost their lone series to the Los Angeles Angels in the Wild Card round. Injuries were to be expected, and the offense simply wasn't capable of playing in the Angels' ballpark. The team didn't perform to the level that they're accustomed to, and they were swept out of the playoffs by the eventual World Series champion New York Yankees.


So, what does this all mean for the Houston Astros? Well, they'll still contend for second place in the AL West this year, and they have a very good chance of clinching that division. What's more, they've got some high-profile prospects, including the popular prospect, George Springer, who is expected to break out as a premier offensive player in the majors this season. So, even if Houston doesn't go far this year, it will still be a pretty good season for the Houston Astros. They should make the playoffs as wild card contenders, and challenge for the Wild Card in the next season or two.


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