Have You Got Your Car Aligned Yet?

Suppose you have observed your Car pulling to a particular side while driving on the road or experienced vibrations on the steering wheel. In that case, it surely indicates that there is something wrong with its alignment.

Alignment of the car or wheels can be achieved by adjusting the suspension of the car. Suspension links the car to its wheels. This comprises the bushings, springs, tie rods, and every other element that could help soak in the bumps on an unpaved road. This would thus ensure a smooth drive by responding on time to the car’s driver.

To rectify the car's alignment, a specialist would adjust the wheel angles to organise them just as per the specifications suggested by the manufacturer of the vehicle. New vehicles might initially have the ideal alignment, thus enabling their good handling and braking.

The alignment is calculated and rectified in numerous ways, such as:

Caster: This draws a comparison between the vertical and steering axis when the vehicle is seen sideways.

Camber: This calculates the wheel’s tilt vertically when the vehicle is seen from the anterior angle.

Toe: This calculates if the wheels in front turn out or in when seen from an anterior angle.

Thrust: This indicates the invisible line perpendicularly drawn to the centreline of the rear axle.

When do you know your car wheels need aligning?

You can’t be sure that the issue with your car is because of the alignment or is it something else that you need assistance from an expert. However, some of the most common symptoms that you need to be aware of are:

The vehicle moves to the right or left: This is one of the primary signs observed by a driver. A slight shift or drift is fine as the roads are never even. The point is that driving the Car Tyres Bolton straight should not feel difficult.

Off-centred steering wheel: The steering wheel should always remain in the middle when the car is driven on a unidirectional road. The logo on the wheel should be straight.

Shaking of the car shaking or wobbling of the steering wheel: These symptoms in most cases indicate a misaligned wheel. However, they need to be inspected regularly.

The rapid or abnormal wearing of the tyre: If the wear is excessive and uneven, it means that your car is in immediate need of realigning its wheels. At such times, you should seek help from a tyre specialist who could help to align and to rectify the issues on time.

What could be the possible reason behind a misaligned car?

The problem with the wheel's alignment could happen gradually over some time. It could also result from the car ageing or impact from hitting against a curb or a big pothole. However, even post an accident, alignment problems can occur. If the ride's height has been adjusted or the suspension has been raised, the wheels of your car may require alignment to be assured that it falls under the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Issue related to the alignment of the wheel does not go away. If you do not treat it on time and delay this process, more problems may arise, making you spend more money. When toe and camber requirements do not fall under the limit of the manufacturer, it could result in:

  • Early wearing of the suspension, tyres, and steering parts – this could cost more
  • Unwanted pressure on the suspension structure – this could be damaging
  • Poor holding on the road and handling – this could be dangerous

The frequency of getting your car aligned depends on how much the car is being driven around. It also depends on your style of driving and the roads where your drive your car. Irrespective of the kind of wheel or all-season tyres Bolton you are using, proper servicing of the car is advised.

The alignment could be inspected whenever the suspension or steering component of the car is being changed. Regular and timely checks could help ensure the safety and performance efficiency of the car as well. It is always good to consult an expert in the industry who could assist you with better insights and help you make an informed decision. The best possible way is to get things done timely to avoid exceeding your budget for repairs.


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