Getting the maximum from your Rendering and Plastering Machine

You have simply offered a brand new or 2d hand Rendering and Plastering Machine and you’re equipped to place it to paintings and begin to earn you a few cash back. Before you begin getting the system spraying render or plaster it’s critical to recognise some hints of the exchange that we at CES Hire have picked up over the 30 plus years we were hiring rendering and plastering machines…

Daily Checks

Spending five to ten mins sporting out tests to your Rendering and Plastering system spray device earlier than you start your spray, is a high-quality manner to preserve the overall performance of your render or Plaster Spray Machine. This quick test withinside the morning also can assist spot any faults there can be together along with your device. We endorse checking the below…

Electric Rendering or Plastering Machines

  • Water feed – Are you getting a constant deliver of water with top strain? Make certain you're the most effective individual the use of that precise water deliver and no person goes to show you deliver off. Using a water butt is a superb manner of having a constant feed.
  • Water filter – Make certain it's far clean and permitting water to byskip via.
  • On three Phase machines make certain your Phases are the proper manner round – If now no longer the system will run backwards and now no longer pump.
  • Good Power supply available? – Make certain you've got got an awesome constant energy supply this is committed on your system and could now no longer experience out. If the energy maintains losing out you may come to be adverse your system and its components.

Diesel Rendering or Plaster Machines

  • Oils – Check your Engine, hydraulic & compressor oil levels.
  • Fuel level – It sounds apparent however make certain your system is complete of diesel. If your system has a complete tank of diesel on the begin of the day then it must get rid of the capability strain and trouble of strolling out midway via a spray. Remember they may be classed as plant equipment so the use of Red Diesel is fine.
  • Engine coolant level – If it runs out of coolant your system will over warmness and reduce out. This reasons downtime and will bring about steeply-priced repairs.
  • Grease factors greased? – This guarantees all of the components at the system which are intended to transport can pass freely and loose from contamination, extending the lifestyles of your system components.

Some different bits of device to test to your rendering or plastering system include…

Rotors and Stators – Is your rotor and stator imparting sufficient strain to switch the cloth from the system to the wall? If now no longer it can be time to trade it.

Hoses and couplings – are they clean and in top condition. Blocked hoses will now no longer permit cloth to tour via on your spray gun. Perished or broken shipping hoses may be risky as whilst below strain they may be much more likely to split. 

Lubricating hoses previous to spraying

One manner of growing the lifestyles of your rotor and stator and your shipping hoses is to make sure they may be lubricated previous to spraying. Lubricating your shipping hoses reduces the resistance created withinside the hose, consequently permitting the render or plaster to byskip via the hoses loads less difficult and taking a few stress off the system. You can lubricate your hoses in some exclusive ways…

  1. Pump natural cement via the hoses previous to spraying and stroll it out.
  2. Pump a unique hose primer via your hoses the sort of leyco slick and stroll it out.
  3. Pour water down the hose and stroll it out (Water isn't the exceptional of lubricants and must be used as a closing resort)

Keeping the system easy

Not most effective will retaining your rendering or plastering system easy enhance your company’s picture whilst you switch as much as site, it'll additionally preserve it running well. Renders and plasters are designed to be sturdy after they dry and set. This is high-quality whilst setting cloth at the wall however now no longer as top after they set on or interior your system. Dry cloth can reason hoses, blending chambers and rotors and stators to block. Although those components of the system are referred to as put on components, the can upload pointless expenses on your company. So you don’t need to be changing them except you certainly have to. 

Maintenance at ordinary intervals

It sounds pretty apparent however you’ll be amazed at the quantity of plastering or rendering system proprietors who neglect about to preserve or carrier there system till it’s too late. One crucial a part of the system to appearance after is the Rotor and Stator. This is the unit at the system that creates strain to push your render or plaster down the shipping hoses and onto the wall. You will recognise whilst your rotor and stator is at the manner out because it will start to lose strain. Some Rotors and Stators have ‘jackets’ you may in shape to them to tighten the stator and get a touch greater lifestyles out of them. We usually endorse retaining a spare rotor and stator withinside the van as a backup if your rotor and stator dies on you. On an electric powered mixer pump a tell-story signal of a worn rotor and stator is the cloth going wet, dry, wet, dry.


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