Construction site accident leads to catastrophic injuries

Construction sites can be particularly dangerous for various reasons. Employees can work in inclement weather, with heavy machinery, and from great heights. Typical construction site accidents that could lead to a catastrophic injury include:

  • Getting caught between objects

  • Falling from a scaffold

  • Getting struck by objects

Contact with objects or equipment at construction sites 

If workers get trapped between machinery or struck by a heavy falling object on a construction site, the resulting injuries can change their lives. They may lose limbs, experience a permanent disability, or suffer from brain damage and other devastating consequences. A worker and their family could experience unprecedented hardship due to such an injury. 

Slips and falls or Vehicle accident at construction sites

Construction workers are perhaps especially prone to suffering catastrophic injuries in falls, especially when working at heights and on scaffolds. However, individuals can also get severely injured by merely slipping or tripping due to wet and slippery surfaces or tripping over construction site objects. In fact, construction sites are littered with potential hazards such as deep trenches, heavy machinery, and building materials, which can all cause serious trips and falls. 

However, there can be many other reasons for construction site injuries, such as burns from a fire or hot steam, exposure to toxic substances, or injuries due to a vehicle accident. 

A catastrophic injury typically describes a very severe and permanent injury that prevents the victim from ever working again, such as:

  • Limb amputations

  • Loss of sight or hearing

  • Spinal cord damage and paralysis

  • Permanent brain damage

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries at a construction site, you may have legal recourse to recover damages.  A injury or car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can assess your situation and determine if you have a case. 

Who is responsible for your construction site accident and damages?

While some accidents happen due to a worker’s fault, catastrophic injuries can also happen due to employer negligence or a third party's negligence, such as a property owner or a contractor on the construction site. The issues involved can be complicated. 

If an employee suffered injuries from a defective machine, for example, the manufacturer could be responsible. However, the employer could also be partially or wholly responsible if it skipped necessary machinery maintenance to save money. 

If you are unsure as to why you suffered an accident and catastrophic injury and do not know who is responsible, consider getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale.

What are my next best steps after a construction site injury?

Here are some things you can do after you or someone you know is injured on a construction site accident.

Apply for workers’ compensation 

If you suffered a serious accident at work, you should immediately inform your employer and apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Under the program, injured workers are entitled to certain benefits, such as loss of income and medical expenses. 

However, workers’ compensation insurance typically does not compensate you for any suffering you may have experienced due to a catastrophic injury, such as pain and suffering or reduced quality of life. Moreover, if you are an independent contractor or self-employed, you may not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. 

Determine whether a third party is liable 

Whether you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits or not, you could hold a negligent third party to account for your injury and damages. Third parties on a construction site could be owners of the machinery and vehicles, subcontractors, or a property owner, among others.

However, to have a chance of recovering compensation from a third party, you will need to provide comprehensive evidence of their negligence and how it relates to your accident and catastrophic injury. A Fort Myers personal injury attorney can help with gathering evidence and proving your case.

Determine whether your employer is responsible

Workers’ compensation insurance typically protects employers from lawsuits. Therefore, employees generally cannot sue an employer for damages. However, there are instances where you may have a case against an employer. This may be the case when:

  • Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance has lapsed

  • Your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance

  • Your employer has caused your accident and injury by acting negligently

Employers are generally responsible for creating a safe work environment and furnishing employees with adequate safety equipment. 

Contact Law Offices For Help

Knowing whether you have a workers' compensation claim or could file a lawsuit can be tricky. Individuals suffering from a catastrophic injury after a work accident can feel overwhelmed and frustrated, not knowing where to turn to get their due. However, we are here to help you figure out your next steps. If you have suffered from a catastrophic injury, you may be able to receive more compensation than what you are entitled to under workers’ compensation laws.



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