Commercial appliance repair

If you notice excessive heat, leaking, or any other mechanical issues, have them inspected and serviced now at commercial appliance repair .

The repairs may be a bit more costly than anticipated, but they will save you money in the long run.

The last thing you want to do is throw out all your good dishes because your dishwasher may be on its way out.

In this post, we have provided a checklist to follow to prevent any unnecessary business machinery repairs and replacements.

Cleaning the appliances

Cleaning is the most crucial part when it comes to proper working and maintenance of your business machinery. Follow these steps to clean any gadgetry whether it's a dishwasher, ice machine, or refrigerator, etc.

Remove the objects

First, remove any object occupying your machine no matter If it's dirty clothes/dishes or piled up ice. Turn the power off. So you don't risk any electric shock or injury.

Start the cleaning cycle

Usually, they have a specific cleaning cycle in them. And that operates in a way that you don't have to clean or wash with your hands. But, home-owned machinery isn't that advance.

Once the machine is empty start the cycle by hitting the ‘clean’ or ‘wash’ button.

Next, wait until that filled with water. Then add specific machine cleaner in water.

Usually, typical business machines take 20 minutes to complete the cycle. Switch off the power once the cycle completes.


Remove & clean internal components

After the wash process, remove all the components of it, but only those that can detach. Then take a clean cloth and wipe off all the water.

Always check the manual before removing any part.

Wipe off the surface and other parts of a machine and let it dry on its own.

  1. Check settings of appliance

If there is something you do by yourself in regards to heavy machinery that is testing the setting, temperature, and voltage.


First, unplug the gadget you want to test. After some time, check the temperature by touching the appliance.

Check the electric continuity of the switches, thermostat, and other measurements.


  • Make sure the machine switched off.
  • If the voltage is running ‘downstream’ of the outlet, turn the multimeter into AC volt settings.
  • Then touch the multimeter and read the voltage displayed.
  • The voltage varies in each apparatus. For this, always read the manual related to the one you are testing.
  • If the voltage is lower than the one shown in the manual, there can be two problems;

- Circuit issue

- Wire connection issue

Electric machines are not safe to deal with. Hence, always seek help from professionals in Commercial appliance repair. They will troubleshoot and repair it on time.

  1. Maintenance to reduce repair

Preventive maintenance

The proverb “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” sits best for business machinery.

Mechanical damages are not safe enough to do it yourself. Moreover, they can prove to be expensive. Thus, leading to the downfall of your business.

If you and your staff notice something off with one of your industry apparatus, call a technician ASAP. As result, this will help you in long run with your industrial apparatus.

Always keep preventive appliance repair mississauga maintenance and regular checkup to keep them in better working condition.

Yearly Professional Checkup

Never underestimate the years’ experience and training of a professional. They can keep your business growing by maintaining your appliances.

If you are having trouble while operating with one of your machines, call in commercial appliance repair and they’ll take care of the rest.



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