Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid, Wax, Oils, and Dry Herb

Vape pens differ depending on the type of concentrate they accept. There are, however, some multifunctional vape pens; they are compatible with most concentrates. If you want to have a taste of different concentrates, always go for these vape pens. 

But if you are already decided on a specific concentrate like wax, go for vape pens compatible with wax. Vape pens designed for specific concentrates are believed to be the best in efficiency, but there is not enough information to support it.

Generally, a good vape pen should be easy to use; that means it has few buttons or controls. It should also have basic adjustable settings like temperature and voltage. A good vape pen has a maximum of four temperature settings. Having as much temperature as possible is good but rather confusing at times.

Vape pens are designed for portability, and so they should be. A vape pen that allows you to enjoy your concentrate at any place is a better choice. This article lists a few excellent and best vape pens from big brands for newbies and experienced vapers. The list was compiled based on how each pen works, price, positive ratings, and other considerations. Here we go;

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen

Ghost is a wax vaporizer that is compatible with multiple concentrates. During vaping, it is important to regulate heat if you want to maintain the potency of your concentrate. Too much heat affects the potency and flavor of your concentrate and, in the end, has a disgusting taste. Ghost employs titanium technology which is easier to regulate. The kit also comes with an extra atomizer, loading tool, silicone storage balls, and USB charger.

Morpheus 100 Watt Vape Pen

Morpheus is a relatively large vape pen compared to the rest. This is so because of the adjustments that come around when shifting from one type of concentrate to another. It is fitted with a large battery of 3000mAh for maximum power during vaping. The mouthpiece has airflow modes, and it is made up of stainless steel for durability. For maximum and long battery life, Morpheus has rubber seals.

KandyPens Amber Rose

Amber Rose is among the many vaping devices manufactured by KandyPens. There is a wide range of products to choose from, but Amber Rose wins. It is a multifunctional vape pen that is compatible with almost all concentrates. The mouthpiece of Amber Rose is upgraded with an air carb, and it is worth mentioning because no other vape pen has that. It also comes with a 510 threaded long-life battery and a warranty covering that battery.

Khan Dry Herb Vape Pen

As the name suggests, khan is designed for vaping dry herbs. It is very small in size with a simple loading oven where you put your cannabis herbs. The entire exterior body of this vape pen is made up of aluminum, making it shiny.

Because of its size and that of its oven, it can only hold a small amount of concentrate per session. Despite the size of the pen, it holds a 2200mAh cell for maximum power when vaping.

Vapor Zeus Starter Kit

Zeus kit is a multifunctional vape pen that is compatible with a rechargeable battery having 808 threads. You still have room to choose on other batteries; 650mAh, 900mAh, or 1300mAh. After deciding on the size of battery you want, there is also room to choose. You can choose either the automatic or manual version of the battery. The automatic one is draw activated, while the manual one uses a firing switch. With this vape pen, you have full control of what you get.

Dr. Dabber Light Kit

This is a multipurpose vape pen from Dr. Dabber that employs titanium technology to heat the concentrates. It contains high-tech features compressed into a small device for portability. This pen is designed specifically for convenience and portability. Additionally, the Light kit comes with a one-year warranty.

Mig Vapor SR 72 Vape Pen

Mig vape pen comes fitted with a 1300mAh battery and a BVC atomizer. Its battery comes in three colors; black, shiny stainless steel, and rainbow laser metal. You can also upgrade the battery in two forms if you wish to; by adding a 510 battery thread, the second is by adding a single center button. For the BVC atomizer, you can take either a standard tank or a clear glass atomizer tank.


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