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Some cyclists prefer running what they bring, while some are addicted to the lighter and faster equipment. If you fall in the second category, you can maintain your bike component by component up to the frame. 

Perhaps you have some extra components that aren't being used. Maybe you have an excellent frame that needs some finishing touches before it's ready to ride. Or perhaps you're simply curious about the process of assembling your bike piece by piece to customize every element. 

This method isn't for everyone, but constructing a bike from the ground up maybe one of the most thrilling experiences a gearhead can have. Building a bike piece by piece allows you to have total creative control over your bike, even if it isn't always as easy or as economical as buying a whole bike. 

You have the option of spending your money on a specific component while saving money elsewhere. And, the perfect way of saving more is by buying bike parts Canada from us. We provide quality to enhance your performance in every possible way. 

The cranks will be the proper length, the bars will be the perfect form, the saddle will be comfy, and every other component will be just how you want it.

To boost your bike's overall performance, here’s a list of the most common bike parts, including when they need to be replaced!

The Chain:

Your bike chain is probably a thing that needs to be replaced the most. When it wears out, it may create the most significant difficulties for your other parts, such as your chainrings, cassette, and derailleurs, as well as making shifting unpredictable. Mostly, chains have a lifespan of 2,000–3,000 kilometers. This figure can change based on how clean your drivetrain is, the weather you ride in, and your power output.

– When Does It Need Replacement?

A chain checker is a tool that can quickly help you determine the wear of your bike’s chain. It is pretty inexpensive, and you can check your chain by inserting the tool between the links. For instance, if it measures 0.5%, your chain still has life, but if it measures 0.75%, the chain needs a quick replacement.

Chain Rings:

If you change your chainrings on a regular basis, they should last a long time. When changing your chain, though, it's also a good idea to inspect your chainrings to ensure they're in good working order. The teeth of your chainrings can be damaged by bad shifting technique, collisions, or being bashed around during storage and transit, in addition to typical wear and tear. The chain can slip off the chainring when riding or shifting or catch as you try to pedal if the teeth are broken.

– When Does It Need Replacement?

Clearly inspect the chainrings’ teeth. They should be changed if they become hooked like shark's teeth or have a notable slope in profile as a more gradual rise of a new chainring.


Your cassette, like your chainrings, will last longer if you change your chain when it's intended to and maintain your drivetrain clean. One of the average indications that your cassette requires repair is if it skips after purchasing a new chainset. Because of the large number of cogs and the fact that wear may only occur on the one or two cogs you use the most, visual wear may be difficult to detect.

– How To Tell Whether It's Time To Replace It?

To keep your wheel in place, grab the rear brake lever. With the brake on, press down on one of your pedals and look for upward movement of the chain on your cassette. If the cassette moves when you press the pedal, it's time to replace it.

Cables And Housing:

Your housing and cables strongly influence the smoothness of your shifting and braking. This results in performance and safety difficulties, which can be readily resolved by replacing these parts before they damage other elements of your drivetrain.

– How To Tell Whether It's Time To Replace It?

Housing with cracks, fractures, or shattered parts is a clue that it needs to be replaced. The damaged housing will put more stress on your cables, further leading them to break during a ride. Other clues include:

  • Rust

  • Frayed cable ends

Pro Tip* You should replace your cables and housing every year (if you ride three days a week or more) for a robust experience.


Though not a mechanical part, tires are the main components that need replacements frequently. Tires cab be:

  • Lightweight (may last a thousand miles or less)

  • Heavyweight (may last as long as five thousand miles)

There are a few simple methods to identify when your tires have had enough, regardless of the type of tire you use. Because the back of the vehicle bears more weight than the front, you can rotate the front and back tires if they are the same size.

– How To Tell Whether It's Time To Replace It?

Wear, nicks, and cuts are all frequent. If threads or the tire belt are visible, your tire is too worn to be safe. Similarly, any incision or gash that exposes the inner tube should not be used. Some tires contain wear indicators that can alert you to the fact that your tire is worn before a gash or rip occurs. Tires having bald areas on the tread indicate that they need to be replaced.

Other compatibility considerations include:

  • Rims

  • Disc rotors

  • Shifting components

  • Axle

  • Brake mounts

  • Brackets, etc

Moreover, ensure your bike mudguard to be in good condition as they protect by safely deflecting debris away from the fender wells. If broken or damaged, replace it with a quality one from our online store.

# What Essentials Should You Carry While Going For A Bike Ride?

The list can include the nth number of things. But if you prefer going for a day’s ride (say for 5 to 7 hours), you need to carry the following:

  • Basic repair and maintenance kit

  • Water or sports drink

  • Light snacks

  • Salt pills (in case you feel dehydrated)

  • Some cash

  • Personal identification

  • Cell phone, etc.

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