Best Bollywood Motivational Movies

Whenever you feel that you are going through a very difficult phase or feel that a mountain of sorrows has broken on you or feels that life has become hell, then definitely watch these films once you see them. There will be renewed vigor in the mind again. 

Just as the five fingers of our hands are not equal, in the same way every day of our life is not the same. There is hope in the life of an ordinary person, sometimes there is disappointment, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes there is sadness, sometimes the person loses, sometimes Wins.

Keeping this in mind, in this article, we have talked about some Best Motivational Movies here. Whenever you feel that you are going through a very difficult period or you feel that a mountain of sorrows has broken or you feel it. If life is hell, then definitely watch these films once. After watching them, your mind will be filled again with renewed vigor.

3 idiots

It is a film based on the famous English novel "Five Point Someone" by English novelist Chetan Bhagat. This film emphasizes being successful rather than capable.

This film also shows how some children take engineering admission under the pressure of parents, after which they always have to struggle. The film also shows the struggles that school students have to face. Along with entertainment, it teaches some important things about life and also Motivates.

Bhag Milkha Bhaag

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a film on the life of famous runner Milkha Singh. This film shows how Milkha Singh works hard day and night to achieve his goal. This film looks at the story of Milkha Singh from childhood to becoming a Flying Sikh.

This film shows the kind of pain Milkha Singh suffered during the Indo-Pak division in childhood. While practicing for the Olympics, Milkha Singh did not know how many times the buckets were filled with tears and blood spilled from the mouth, despite this He missed the medal at the Olympics.

This story inspires every student how hard they have to work to prepare for a subject. Just like a runner cannot win a medal by running fast in a day, similarly, a student without practicing with pen and paper Can not top.

Nil Battey Sannata

This film is the story of a poor mother and her daughter. The mother works in homes but wants the daughter to earn a name by writing but the daughter thinks that what the mother does, she will do also, the daughter's dreams were dead. To resurrect the dead dream of his daughter, he then earnestly gathers his life. 

This film tells that the death of dreams is the most dangerous and there is no greater pain than dying of human dreams. Is a very inspiring film about education and the mother-daughter relationship.

The Revenant 

'The Revenant' is the story of the struggle to survive even in harsh conditions, which is a film based on Michael Panke's novel called 'The Revenant'. This is the story of a man whose house is set on fire, the son is killed. Goes and the people who are left to die alone in the snowy region have to face a lot of hardship in the thick forest and snowstorm, but the person tries to live till his last breath and then with his son's slayer Takes revenge too.

This film teaches us to struggle and it shows that no matter how bad the situation is, we should never give up hope.

I Am Kalam

The film revolves around a 12-year-old wise boy named Chhotu living in Rajasthan. Despite living in poverty and scarcity, Chhotu grapples with all kinds of situations. To help his family financially, he works in a small hotel by the roadside and studies in the evening. One day Chhotu watches the President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on television and is greatly inspired by him. He changes his name to Kalam and decides that he will become a man who wears a tie and whom other people will respect.

The film tells her mother repeatedly that "school is not in our destiny", but the film shows that destiny is nothing and how destiny can be changed through hard work.

Chak De! India 

'Chak de India' is the story of a man named Kabir Khan, who had been the best center forward player of the Indian hockey team. In a final match against Pakistan, he missed a goal in the final moments through a penalty stroke and faced criticism. Being a Muslim, his patriotism was questioned.

Seven years later, he becomes the women's hockey team coach and washes the stains on him by making this team the world champion. This task was not easy. The women's hockey team played only for the name at that time, and Kabir Khan struggled a lot. Kabir made the team work very hard and united the team and make him the world champion.

This film teaches the importance of practice in any work and at the same time teaches a big lesson about the importance of teamwork.

Good Will Hunting

In this film, a man named Will Hunting is a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the world's best-known university) and has a very sharp intellect and a deep affection for mathematics. He is also an abused child due to which he was not able to remain comfortable professionally and emotionally.

Once the university's big professor leaves a difficult question for the students to write on the board, which he solves with ease. The university's big professor comes to know this much later, after which he helps him. This film teaches us that we should believe in ourselves and move forward by forgetting old things or sorrows.


Every film given above teaches some specific things, some films teach hard work, and some films teach us to struggle. When you feel that something bad is happening to you or the situation is not good, then definitely watch these films, you will be filled with renewed vigor and fighting again. Or the one who overcame you with disappointment, let us know through the comments.



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