Bentonite Clay And The Benefits It Provides

Bentonite clay turns out to be a natural clay form with a soft fine texture. It is going to develop a paste with water. The people rely on this paste for cosmetic or medical benefits such as hair mask or treatment of rashes. An individual has been using such form of clay to remove the impurities relating to their skin like toxins or oils from the body for thousands of years. The use of such type of clay is paramount in various skincare products. People are known to add it to their food or drinks to be removing the toxins from the body. Just like concrete earthing such type of clay have various benefits.

In a variety of skincare products bentonite clay is present and considering their benefits researches have used it for cell or animal products. A lot of research still exists before the scientists are aware about their true benefits or the risk of such type of clay in human beings. Let us try to figure out the potential benefits of this type of clay.

The working of bentonite clay

Some experts might believe that bentonite clay works the moment they absorb dirt or oils from the skin. A theory exists that it is going to absorb materials when they stick to their ions or molecules. The moment clay leaves the body the toxin or the molecules tend to go along with it.  Bentonite clay is incorporated with natural minerals like magnesium, clay or calcium that is going to contain additional benefits.

This clay is known to emerge from volcanic ash. It is known to obtain its name from a region referred to as Fort Benton in Wyoming where their presence is in major chunks. People are likely to come across this type of clay in region where volcanic ash has settled. Some of the benefits of such type of clay are as follows

It eradicates the toxins from the human body

People are known to ingest bentonite clay with the aim of removing toxins from the human body. It tends to be one of the popular benefits. Studies also indicate it is going to trim down the impact of toxins.  Though scientists needs to undertake proper amount of research to confirm whether the clay is safe and effective for human beings.

Contributes to weight loss

It is a viable alternative to individuals who are trying to shed the extra flabs. Though some form of additional clay methods might be used, but there could be other ways of losing weight. Reduction of calorie intake or increasing in the levels of physical activity turn out to be the best choice.

Dealing with acne and an oily skin

The absorbent power of this type of clay would enable to deal with an oily skin and acne breakouts. The presence of clay would remove the sebum or the excess amount of oil on the surface of the skin and on inflamed breakouts could have a soothing effect. If you are using a clay face mask it is going to remove the impurities of the skin to be reducing pimples or skin infections.

Most of the commercial face masks are known to contain clay that would be having a clarifying impact on the skin.  Some type of masks are known to contain bentonite clay earthing but it is possible for a person to make this mask at their home with the material. Mix the clay with the water to be developing a thick paste and then you need to apply it on the areas that are prone to acne. Then allow it to settle for 20 minutes and rinse it properly. The remedy is to be repeated a couple of times in a week for timely results.

Skin detoxification and dealing with poison ivy

People tend to use this clay to detoxify certain parts of the human body. Some people would be allergic to urushiol which the poison ivy plants are known to produce. The moment it comes in contact with the skin a characteristic rash might emerge in the form of an allergic reaction. These symptoms might cause  redness, itching as following an allergic reaction the process speeds up.

The moment you touch poison ivy a suggestion is to wash your skin with water and soap. Even the use of dish washer soaps would enable to remove the oils from the skin. Mix the clay with water to be developing a paste and then apply it on to the affected region. Then you need to cover it with  gauge or bandage. You need to repeat this remedy several times in a day till the rash fades.

Relieves constipation and prevents diarrhoea

As the clay might be sticking to toxins it enables a person to regulate the digestive tract of a person. A major benefit of this clay is that it may help people suffering from constipation. Even the use of this clay needs more research but holds a lot of promise.

An example is rotavirus can lead to diarrhoea and from one person to person might spread easily. If after the use of clay products diarrhoea does not subsidize there are common approaches of dealing with diarrhoea and there is a need to discuss with the doctor.

Dealing with diaper rash

Research indicates that the clay was of considerable help in dealing with diaper rash. Infants who had clay applied on their rash had a reduction within 3 hours and in less than a couple of days it went on to heal fully. Most of the studies went on to indicate positive results. There is a need to mix a small chunk of this clay with water to be  making a paste  and then you can apply directly on to the rash.

There is a need to mix a small chunk of this clay with water and apply it on to the affected region. No point in shaking it on to the skin of the baby as they could inhale them.



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