Apple vs Google, the search engine war

Google's global monopoly in online search has so far been unassailable. But something could change. The American and European Antitrust have targeted the Mountain View giant and Apple is about to launch its search engine.

Persistent rumors, which have been chasing each other since this summer, say that Apple is about to take the field in the battle of the search engines which, for many years, has seen Google as the most used tool by users around the world to search for information.


The Financial Times has collected several clues that seem to confirm this hypothesis.

First of all, the improvement of the search functions that were introduced with iOS 14, the latest release of Apple's mobile operating system.

Someone noticed that, quite obviously, in iOS 14, Spotlight Search tends to ignore Google results. However, the default search engine on its devices continues to be Google.

To have this advantage over the competition, the Mountain View giant, according to the New York Times, would pay Apple between 8 and 12 billion dollars a year.

About two years ago, Apple hired John Giannandrea, the head of Google search. And since then there has been no shortage of hiring research engineers.

This suggests that Apple already has a team capable of building a search engine. This was confirmed to the Financial Times by Bill Coughran, former chief engineer of Google.

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How an Apple search engine would change the SEO

SEO is an area mainly focused on Google as it has the largest number of users among all the search engines available on the internet. Could an Apple search engine bring about changes in SEO? Probably yes.

We should continue to keep an eye on and study Applebot, the web crawler, also called a spider or robot, is software that systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically to index the web. THE...of Apple. Since Apple doesn't have decades of search experience like Google, the strategies and tactics would also be different.

Apple hasn't confirmed this rumor yet, so it's all about theories and observations for the moment. The search engine announcement may be imminent or may never materialize.

An Apple search engine, however, would certainly impact SEO because there would be a competitor to match, and the optimization efforts would no longer be directed solely at Google.

Safari is the browser is an application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all information on the World Wide Web such as insurance web pages, ...most popular mobile in the United States; Chrome is the second. Apple could become the second mobile search engine.

The strengths of Apple compared to Google

Apple is one of the few companies that has the resources to compete with Google. With a market capitalization of over $ 2 trillion and around $ 200 billion in cash, the company has the ability not only to reject the money received from Google but to invest in the server infrastructure needed to build a search engine. competitive.

An Apple search engine would almost certainly have a huge selling point: increased user privacy.

Apple has made great efforts to distance itself from rivals in recent years by insisting that " privacy is a basic human right " and " one of our core values ".

Like rivals like DuckDuckGo, Apple may attempt to create a search engine that doesn't store personal information or track users on the web.

It would be easier for Apple because, unlike Google, it doesn't depend on advertising revenue, which benefits from personalized data with which to target users.

At this point, two possibilities open up for Apple :

  • search engine that can be used by everyone all over the world,
  • or create one that is only for use by owners of Apple devices or browsers, making it one more reason to buy iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Applebot updates

Some webmasters have reported increased Applebot activity. Like other web crawlers, Applebot crawls the web to determine how search results should be ranked based on several factors, including user engagement, relevance, and match of search terms with topics and content. of a page, the number of links a page has received from other websites, and the design characteristics of a page.


Apple updated its Applebot support document in July with new details:

• Added how to check traffic from Applebot;

• Expanded details on the Applebot User-Agent, including the differences between its desktop and mobile version;

• Expanded robots.txt rules;

• Added a section stating that they don't just crawl HTML, but also display Google-like pages;

• Added a section on search rankings and the factors that influence how web search results in rank.

Is an Apple search engine likely?

What we have gathered, of course, are clues (but no confirmations) that could mean that the Apple search engine may already be operational. But many SEOs and insiders are skeptical.

Although Apple has the strength, even economic, to compete with Google, this is not necessarily enough to create a search engine that works. ( The most cited example is that of the Maps app that we find installed on the iPhone: it is not comparable to Google Maps and is used much less. ) Google, over the years, has accumulated a lot of experience that has allowed it to become the main search engine and the most used in the world. And it succeeded even though it wasn't the first search engine to appear on the market.

Certainly, another search engine that could compete with Google would serve to break a little bit the planetary monopoly of the Mountain View company and maybe even make SEO more interesting, which now concentrates most of its activities in the study of a single search engine.

However, any possible update is more likely to relate to Apple's efforts to improve the results of Siri (the virtual assistant on iOS and macOS) and Spotlight, the real-time search feature developed by Apple and first introduced on Macs and then on all its devices.


And you, do you think an Apple search engine is possible? Write your opinion in the comments.



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