Ant Colonies and a Few Tips for Ant Control in Vancouver

Ants are common throughout the world, with more than 10,000 known species. They invade homes or commercial spaces in Vancouver, foraging for food and water. Usually, you can find ants in your home's kitchen, and they build colonies in homes to remain hidden from the sights of homeowners in Vancouver. If you see ants in your home or business place, you should waste no time consulting a pest control service for ant control in Vancouver.

Ant Colonies and Food They Love:-

Ants live in colonies; thus, you will find it very rare for ants moving alone. It is the queen ant that runs such a colony by laying eggs to keep its colony growing. Worker ants have the responsibility to bring food and survive. Usually, ants are attracted to honey, syrup, and sugar. Nevertheless, ants are also attracted to insects and dead animals' flesh. Carpenter ants are among the most common ant species found in Vancouver, known for getting food from the wood.

Before you opt for any solution against ant control, you should better understand two different ants' categories. Knowing about the infestation will help you better exterminate ants.

Ant Can Make Colonies Outside and Inside Your Home:-

Ant colonies can be found outside, and these ants fall into the first category. Outsider ants can enter inside your home through crevices or small openings; therefore, you should seal them. Brush around the area to get rid of the ants' trail from infesting your home from the outside. You can also spray the area with insecticide for more protection.

Ants can make colonies inside homes in warm weather. If they make a colony in your home, they will target the food supplies to feed on them and contaminate the food. Any of your family members eating ant-contaminated food can suffer from food-borne diseases. Ants are annoying for homeowners in Vancouver, besides business owners.

A Few Ways to Get rid of Ants from Your Home in Vancouver:-

Here are the ways you can capitalize on:

  • Spraying Insecticide: Insecticides can kill many ants, but this method is not an effective remedy for the long term, because you cannot destroy the nest where the ants are coming from.

  • Use Ant Baits: It is a better and more effective method than the previous one. You can place ant baits in your home where ants come in search of food. Once they take these baits to the nest, it will destroy their colony.

However, if you fail to exterminate the ants yourself, you should waste no time and contact pest control professionals in Vancouver to exterminate the ants permanently from your home.


Ants are common pests in Vancouver in residential or commercial spaces, but they can be exterminated for good with a pest control service. Ants infest homes foraging for food and make colonies there to survive. Ant colonies can be found inside and outside your Vancouver home. The two most straightforward ways to get rid of ant colonies from your home are using an insecticide and ant baits. Nonetheless, if you fail with ant control in Vancouver yourself, you should call pest control experts to help you out with extermination.

You can feel free to contact Pesticon Canada ( to deal with pests, a pest control company that is an expert at pest control, including rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, and wild animals plus more in Vancouver.




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