Anodized Aluminium Windows: 5 Things you should know

In architecture and home design, you add windows to let in natural light and add to the house's ventilation and airflow. Moreover, every door and window design complements the exterior and interior of your home.

Therefore, you need to settle on the best design and material for your windows.

Anodized aluminium windows are the current obsession for many Indian homeowners and contractors. That is because the finishing is versatile, stylish, and offers privacy while delivering natural lighting. Above all, anodized aluminium windows are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and give your home a modern feel. These luxurious windows offer clean line finishes and intricate detailing in every corner of your home.

With that said, this article will highlight a few of the things you need to know about anodized aluminium windows.

These windows come in different types:

As you try to find the latest window design, keep in mind that various anodized aluminium window panes in the market. They include:

  • Sliding windows: These windows open by sliding to the slide. They come in 2-4 panes, depending on the window size.

  • Fixed-pane windows: Unlike the other window types, you can't open or close a fixed-pane window. These are often decorative statements that highlight the beautiful surroundings of a home. You can also install fixed-pane windows in the dimly-lit rooms in your home.

  • Casement windows: These windows have a hinge on the side that facilitates the window's opening and closing. They also have a hand crank for the same purpose.

  • Awning windows: Awning windows are grand design statements. Unlike casement windows, which open sideways, awning windows are top hung.

These are the latest window designs that enhance ventilation and lighting, ensuring your home is welcoming and neatly-structured.

They are energy-efficient

The installation of anodized aluminium windows ensures that the windows can preserve energy and protect your surroundings. These windows are air-tight, water-tight, and resistant to wind and pressure, which works exceptionally for energy-saving purposes.

They allow aluminium cladding

Anodized aluminium windows tend to look like they feature metal material only. However, that is not always the case. Some contractors use aluminium-clad wood, such as Ponderosa pine, to design durable window frames. The cladding offers structural support and protects the framing against corrosion.

Anodized aluminium windows are corrosion-free

Aluminium might be rust-resistant, but this material tends to experience corrosion over time. That means that you will have to replace your window frames every few years. However, anodizing aluminium adds a protective layer that protects the window frame against corrosion.

Corrosion protection increases the durability level, which in turn saves you money.

They are low maintenance.

Whether you're building a home or renovating parts of the house, the process can be expensive. Therefore, using anodized aluminium windows allows you to save money. These windows don't need regular painting; the coating can retain its strength for a long time. Additionally, you only need to wipe and dust the windows frequently to maintain cleanliness.

In conclusion, anodizing aluminium windows are a perfect choice both structurally and financially. You can access these latest window designs at Tostem India. They manufacture stylish and luxurious-looking door and window designs that complement your home's interior


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