9 Political Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work

Political campaigns need to raise an extraordinary amount of funds to be successful. But, unfortunately, it seems like a daunting task and discourages candidates from running for office in the first place.

To run a competitive political campaign, you need a good candidate and a great campaign consultant. It includes a well-executed political strategy (with research and effective media strategy). But it's important as it needs the actual fundraising.

Fieldwork is essential when it comes to political campaigns. So, we have outlined the best political fundraising ideas. They apply to all fundraising efforts, from political candidates to non-profit organizations.

Ideas to raise money for your political campaign


Crowdfunding is the most effective way that helps you raise money for your political campaign. It can be set up and running in minutes and can immediately accept donations. It is the collection of small amounts that many "ordinary" people have raised.

Your crowdfunding page should include images, videos, and the story of your campaign. It is an affordable political fundraising campaign that has great chances of success.

Telephone Request

"Old is gold" - our old-time favorite campaign fundraising technique is to appeal by telephone personally. 

It is a time-consuming and hardworking strategy for staff, but still, some donors prefer this type of petition, and you might not reach them using digital marketing. So, it is advised that you should use the telephone to appeal to high donors. 

Instruct them to donate on a website or make the donor stick to a specific date for collection. Then, send a letter of thanks within 24 hours with the confirming amount pledge.

Mentorship Auction

A mentorship auction is a great fundraising idea that provides your donors some great value, so it's likely to encourage higher bidders. Look through your donors or supporters database and identify high-profile individuals.

Mobilize your network and staff member's networks. Contact and ask them to donate their time to your campaign management. Place bidding for one on one chat sessions with thought leaders or participating celebrities.

The highest bidder gets the mentoring session. The communication will happen either face to face or remotely through video chats. To make it a successful auction, promote it widely.

Mobile Fundraising

Online fundraising is a new norm, and mobile fundraising is a new disrupter. For example, the Obama campaign has used the mobile payment provider that allows staff and volunteers to accept donations in the field.

The best-chosen campaign consultants automatically receive donations. Also, the app is free, so there is no need to set up a donation station since staff can walk around and accept the donation instantly.

Weekend parade

Impress at the end, right before the vote!

Organize a weekend parade through neighborhoods with candidate boards decorated with signs and balloons. Create a candidate's t-shirt and make all the volunteers wear them. Decorate it with signs and helium balloons. Mobilize crews of volunteers to work in a way through neighborhoods with flyers for the voters.

Make sure you check the legal rule on "election silence." It is effective as it utilizes the sentiment of urgency and thus brings in any donations.

Yard signs

If your political campaign is local, a yard sign is a practical idea for fundraising. Buy enough signs that cover major entrances and important crosses in town. Also, put in the yards of influencers and leaders in your community.

Keep a digital map, so it's easy to gap and take it after your campaign has ended. You can also put some of yourself, showing that you are campaigning actively.

Campaign brochure

The brochure explains why you should elect the candidate. It is the basic medium used by political fundraising consultants. Unfortunately, brochures are easy to create and distribute; they are more informative than persuasive. As a result, many voters receive it and throw it away soon.

Instead of giving out brochures, consider "brochure notepads." They can use it over and over again. For example, you can print the information about candidates on the first pages and leave the important campaign information behind.

Email marketing

It is one of the most affordable ideas. Email marketing platforms are easy to use as email service providers have made them simple. You can grow your contact list organically by collecting permission. Add a signup form and subscribe button to your website to collect email addresses.

Work on having true supporters present on your list. Use subject lines that work for your reads. You can measure the success of your email marketing by CTR, volunteer sign up or donation rates. Send emails more to the successful ones and test different variations for the same email.

Social Media campaigns

You shouldn't ignore social media, whatever your most successful fundraising technique is. Social media users reach nearly 3 billion by 2020. The leading social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram have many user engagements.

Our political consultant also spends more time using social media and surfing the web. One of the easiest ways is to post appeals to social channels when they are sent over an email.


Nowadays, the cost is high to run a political campaign. And you will spend an unreasonable amount of your time asking people for money. It's not going to be easy. You need to ask your friends, family, and people you've never met before.

Fundraising requires work on many fronts. From posting on social media, mobilizing volunteers, meetings with celebrities, or organizing high-profile fundraisers. All this can be overwhelming to you. So don't load yourself as our campaign consultants help you plan and communicate strategies for better results.


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