6 Most Well-Dressed Men You Should Take Inspiration From

In the past few years, men belonging to all the different disciplines of life have realized the importance of wearing good clothes and looking stylish. They can be as creative with colors and styles as females. Today, there is a range of fashion choices available for men thanks to recent fashion trends of wearing khaki pants baggy jeans, long overcoats, and leather boots.

If you are looking for inspiration to make a statement, then you have come to the right place. In the following passages, read about some of the men known for their good dressing sense worldwide.


Roger Federer

Rodger Federer is considered by many as the greatest tennis player of all time. People all over the world look up to his dressing sense as well. His choice of classic t-shirts and pants is remarkable. His choice of sportswear is also quite good and, therefore, he stands out even on the tennis court. At events, his suits make him look dashing and classy. His polo shirts, trousers, headbands, and wristbands are an inspiration for amateur athletes.


Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson is a popular singer and is also known as the king of the sad banger. Known for his exceptional fashion sense, he likes to wear clothes from the fifties. He dons knitted polo and funky t-shirts to look his absolute best even though this style is about 70 years old. He still looks extremely modern and relevant to today's fashion despite wearing classic clothes at times. Many aspiring singers and artists look up to his dressing standards.

And let’s be honest, dresses from the fifties are quite classy and noble. The simple polo t-shirts, coats with linings, and shiny black boots with khaki pants are a finesse without a doubt. You should try them on as well.


John Legend

John Legend is a musician who wears vibrant and colorful clothes. When it comes to him, colors are the most important factor. A majority of his clothes have intense artwork on them and a range of colors play along their length. He is gifted with a truly unique fashion sense.

If you are into wearing colorful clothes, then John Legend might serve as an inspiration. Have a look at his diverse and unique clothes to see what you can do with your dress choices. Perhaps, you can also bring something unique and truly inspirational to the table for the people around you!


Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is indeed the embodiment of James Bond himself. His style is unique, elegant, classy, and noble. There’s no doubt that millions all over the world follow his menswear choice to date. The suits that he wears are sleek and elegant. His watches cost millions! And his shiny shoes complement his suits remarkably well. The major reason that he can afford such a lavish lifestyle is that he is a part of the popular British movie series James Bond. For the ordinary, such expensive and costly fashion items are simply unaffordable. However, you can still draw inspiration from them. Have a look at the neatness of the clothes and the matching colors. Even on a low budget, you can flaunt a similar look.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles rose to fame due to his involvement with the popular music group “One Direction”. From there on, he has developed quite the reputation for himself as a dressing genius as well. You will often find him wearing full suits looking elegant and classic. At times, he will do something colorful and cheery and still look stunning. Particularly known for his choice of velvet suits, he takes his trousers and boots very seriously as well. Not many people have such a fine fashion sense as him.


Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is a man of his own unique tastes. He is not bothered by what’s trending. Instead, he’s into doing his very own thing. You won’t find a man like him in mainstream fashion. The reason is that Frank prefers rocking vintage Nikes. Now, who does that? Furthermore, he isn’t into modern sports cars either. If you do find him on the road, chances are he’ll be driving an 80’s car! Now, how cool is that!


Well, these are some of the most well-dressed men in 2021 that you should seek inspiration from. By adding your own thing to their styles, you can definitely dress better! Best of luck!


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