5 Best Powder Room Ideas to Spruce up the Compact Space!

You need to be very strategic in your decor theme and ideas if you are designing a room that is low on space. Like your powder room for instance. If it is a compact space below your staircase or tucked in a corner of your living room, you just can't play with lavish décor themes. What the space needs is dynamic multi-functional essentials that are high on style. Running short of ideas? Happy to help!

Some ideas for your powder room that you will certainly love!

Let's not forget that a powder room would be regularly used by your family members and even your visitors. You just can't let it remain the Plain Jane the other parts of your house are spectacularly designed. That is why we have collected some very astounding ideas to decorate your powder room.

  • Spotlight your favourite shade — Do you love red or blue or pink? Time to highlight this shade in your powder room. Decorate the focal point or the main wall with this shade in paint or stones or tiles and add contrasting sanitary wares. Like, if the red colour is close to your heart and you highlight this colour in the powder room, keep the sanitary wares like the sink and other items white (if you are bold enough, you can choose black sanitaryware and go all dark)! A touch of metallics in chrome or matte gold in the form of fixtures and a huge mirror and mood lighting to ward off any claustrophobic feeling is a must.
  • Make it moody with the right tones — If your powder room has no window and very limited space, why not make it appear moodier? Choose the earthy tones on the walls and pick the sink in designer marbles with some dark brown shades on the floor tiles (how about tiles that resemble timber?). Let everything appear darker with dim lights here to create a nice cosy little powder room. Psst: Don’t go overboard or else – one, space would seem gloomy; two, space would not remain functional if you need a torchlight to see where the faucet is!
  • Contrast the patterns — Patterns are lovely for sure! But don’t underestimate the power of the plains. And if they both blend together, then you create a magnificent décor. Yes, try some printed tiles on the walls or just opt for the “splashproof” wallpapers in the drier zones. Keep the sanitaryware neutral too and see the soothing magic!
  • Make it private — Divide your powder room in two! Yes, you read it right. Create a partial partition that separates the toilet and the sink. Use whites in this entire space. Or you may use translucent glass for a lure. This adds some texture and depth to the space creating the illusion of grandeur and magnanimity.
  • Two-tone tiles —Tiles are most preferred in any powder room décor. But what we suggest is to call the professionals from Best Skills for bathroom tiling in Auckland and let them create a two-toned tile effect in this space. They are excellent in their job and know all the right techniques to do so! You can pick a subway tile for the bottom side of the wall and opt for the penny type tiles on the upper side. Imagine the effect of these tones if you pick a classic shade like soft peach or dull pastels like taupe or sand!

Who says you can't create classical decor themes in a limited space? Well, they wouldn't have read and tried our list of ideas for an excellent powder room décor theme then. But since you've read this, we are sure you would design the most exclusive one in your home.


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