Italian Donuts to Try in Melbourne

In Melbourne, whenever you feel like tasting the sweet taste brought by some Italian donuts. You just have to step outside, and a lot of pastry shop will offer them to you. Happiness comes in many forms and sometimes it appears through circle sugary coated donuts. Every food lover would be delighted knowing that these are available whenever they want it.

Donuts are a sweet dessert that has become a breakfast staple. There are many variations, from glazed to cream-filled to cake, and each Italian bakery in Melbourne puts its own unique spin on the creations. 

The following are some of the donuts you must try in Melbourne.


Ciambella is an Italian word that refers to any round-shaped cake, cookie, or pastry. This category includes all desserts with holes in the middle. It is made from flour, butter, sugar, baking soda, salt, and eggs.

It was traditionally flavored with honey, lemon or orange. But, you can now find many other flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or ricotta.


Krafpen is a delicious, golden-colored baked yeast dough topped with a creamy or fruit filling and sprinkled lightly with sugar. Faschings-Krapfen (Shrovetide doughnuts), are light, fluffy doughnuts with apricot jam. They are baked during Shrovetide.

The Old High German word "krapho", which means "hook" (or "bent claw"), is the origin of the word "Krapfen". It is likely that the name "Krapfen", is derived from its original hook shape.

These donuts, which are usually made during the carnival season in Europe, can be eaten at any time. 


Maritozzi is often described as a way to get a taste for Rome. This is because this Italian light sweetened buns are rarely eaten outside of the city. These sweet bread creams are available in many worldwide pastry shops today.

It is a modern-day brioche that looks like a football. Once baked, it can be sliced and filled with whipped cream. These simple buns were used for two purposes in the Middle Ages.

They are light sweetened with no animal fat and served during Lent. Did you know that during the 18th century, to propose, men would give their partner a maritozzi, which is a donut with a ring inside. Fun fact: "Marito" in Italian means "husband", and the donut was named after it.


Zeppole is an Italian type of doughnut. These are made of pate choux dough (the same one used to make cream puffs or eclairs), which is made by mixing cooking water/milk and butter with flour, and then beating in eggs.

The little balls are then fried until they become crispy, golden and tender. They are light and fluffy. These little doughnuts can be made with powdered sugar and are a delightful treat.


Bomboloni is an Italian translation of "big bombs", which describes these large, generously filled donuts. This sweet treat is a delight with its soft, sugary dough and gooey center. You can make them at-home and fill them with your favorite fillings.

The creamy filling, which is what makes them different to American-style donuts, is visible on the top of the bomboloni carts and not hidden within. For a snack, bomboloni carts can be found at beaches. Although the filling is typically sweet vanilla pastry cream with a fruit jam or chocolate-hazelnut spread, it can also be filled with other fillings of your preference. Pair bomboloni with an espresso if you are serving it as dessert after an Italian meal.

There are many varieties of donuts you can choose from if you're looking to expand your horizons. Each donut is different and can be enjoyed whenever you like. These are some of type of Italian donuts in Melbourne.

Cake Donuts

Cake donuts are not like yeast donuts that melt in your mouth. They have a dense base which can hold many toppings and heavy frostings. The cake donut is similar to a cake but it's dry and crumbly. This type of donut is made by pastry shops and donut shops. It's made from sweet dough that has been baked with baking powder or baking soda, then fried in oil.

Donut Holes

Who would have known that you could still eat those discarded doughnuts at the end? These little donut bites are delicious, especially for the younger generation who prefer sweet donuts to all other foods.

 You can also serve it with a glaze or powdered Sugar. Donut holes were originally made to help prevent losses and increase sales. However, it quickly became a favorite in the area, and many people tried it.

Many countries have developed their own versions of the fried donut hole, which is often served at breakfast or during meetings.

Long John Donuts

Long Johns are also known as "chocolate bars", or "maple bars" due to their most famous frosting toppings. They are a non-creamy version of a French-eclair.

Potato Donuts

Have you ever heard of spudnut? It is also called as potato donut. It has the same texture as a cake donut, but it is made from mashed potatoes or potato starch to lower flour content. Potato donuts, which are yeast-raised, are moist and an excellent alternative to floury or chewy donuts.

Healthy Donuts 

These donuts will satisfy those who are concerned about their health. These donuts can be made with healthy ingredients, plant-based substitutes, or organic ingredients that have lower calories. These donuts are offered by many donut shops and pastry shops to stay competitive and offer donut options that can be adjusted for dietary restrictions.

Gourmet Donuts

Sometimes, the desire to eat a donut can cause you to cry or make you want more. You can have filled, glazed or cakey donuts whenever you like. Many foodies love the freedom to eat them.


These donuts are a great eye-catcher because they are so exceptional. Gourmet donuts have a unique flavor and vibe.

To know more knowledge about Italian donuts that you must try in Melbourne, you can see the infographic below from Cirelli & Co.