8 Magical Ways to Use a Food Processor


Cooking has become very easy because of the latest kitchen appliances like induction stove, sandwich maker, blender, mixer, grinder and many things. All these have reduced our efforts for the majority of the tasks involved in cooking. Buying a different appliance for just one specific task is not an efficient way. A food processor is one such appliance that can help you do all the tasks that a food chopper, blender and mixer can do. Many advanced food choppers can handle all the tasks that a food processor can do. Investing in such an appliance is a smart move. Listed below are a few ways  to use a food processor or a food chopper cum blender. 

1. Chop Vegetables

One of the most common tasks in cooking is chopping different vegetables. This is a time taking task not just for beginners but also for experienced chefs. The function of chopping vegetables is the best use of food processors to reduce your efforts and time. Even though you can buy separate food choppers, it is always good to purchase  an all-in-one appliance  to help you with different tasks. Salad is one of the best ways to add raw vegetables and fruits to your diet. Making salads the manual way can be tiresome, but with a food chopper, you can make it in no time. 

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2. Mince Meat

Non-vegetarians cannot live without their favourite meat. Dishes like kabab and meatballs require mincing of meat, which is generally hard to do manually. A food processor can do this task effortlessly and precisely within no time. Perfectly minced meat is the key to cooking delicious dishes like meatballs.

3. Chutney

Indian breakfast or snacks are incomplete without different types of spicy chutneys. Even the simplest of food can be made heavenly with chutney as an accompaniment. Using a food processor is the fastest and simplest way to make your favourite chutney. You can flavour it as you want by adding different ingredients. 

4. Homemade Nut Butter

Butter is used as a topping for many delicacies like sandwiches and parathas. Nut butter is healthier than the other varieties. But buying it from the market does not guarantee its quality and hygiene. You can easily make your favourite butter at home using a food processor.

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5. Refreshing Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the perfect and healthy breakfasts that you can consume. With a food processor, it is effortless to make it at home. Blend up your choice of vegetables or fruits with ease and quickly. It can add incredible nutrients to your everyday breakfast. 

6. Chop Nuts

Nuts like cashews, almonds and pistachios are full of nutrition and proteins. They can be added to any type of sweets like halwa, ladoo and kheer. Chopping these nuts is made easier with a food chopper. Just add your choice of nuts to the food processor and allow it to run for a few seconds. Your cup of chopped nuts is ready in a jiffy.

7. Cold Coffee

After a long tiring day at work, you need something to refresh your mind. Cold coffee is the best for refreshment. Use the blender attachment of your food processor to whip up your glass of refreshing cold coffee quickly. . 

8. Homemade Pesto

Pesto is a famous sauce usually consumed with different types of pasta. It is made by crushing garlic, pine nuts and basil leaves. With a food processor at home, you can easily make this fresh and healthy. 

A food processor or a food chopper cum blender is one of those multipurpose kitchen appliances that should be present in every kitchen. If you don’t own one yet, it’s time to invest in one. 


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