5 Vietnamese Roll to Try if You Love Rolls

Pho is undoubtedly the most famous dish that originated in Vietnam. Pho bowls are a must in Vietnamese restaurants in Tampa, Florida. Pho is a versatile dish that quenches the hunger of vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians. Pho Ga Vietnamese chicken noodle soup is the favorite of people in Tampa, FloridaSpicy chicken noodle soup and beef noodle soup are the standard Vietnamese food option that Floridians choose. However, Vietnamese cuisine is not only limited to Pho; it has much more to offer. Vietnam is also famous for yummy rolls that can be devoured as a snack or a meal.

There are tons of rolls that people can try on the streets of Vietnam. The rolls are little bundles full of surprises. The stuffings and sheets are made of different ingredients. So, even when people know about the different varieties of rolls, there is still an element of surprise. Some of the must-try Vietnamese rolls are mentioned below-

1. Banh Khot Wraps

The Banh Khot wrap is a seafood delight. Banh Khot is wrapped in lettuce leaves and then consumed by food lovers. It is a dish that originated in Southern Vietnam, so it uses much seafood. Banh Khot is a mixture of rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric, spread on heated molds. It can also be considered as delicate mini pancakes. Fresh shrimps and other fish are added to Banh Khot as toppings. It is served with a plate of fresh lettuce leaves to wrap Vietnamese mini pancakes.


2. Banh Xeo Wrap

Crepes are often associated with European cuisines. People have a perception that crepes are supposed to be sweet and chocolaty. However, when it comes to Banh Xeo or Vietnamese Crepes, you can expect an explosion of salty and spicy flavor.

The batter is made of rice flour. All-purpose flour, coconut milk, and turmeric for color and taste. Many spices are also added to the batter, and the batter is later spread on the pan. The crepe fillings include fresh vegetables, pork chunks, meat, and shrimp. You can add mushrooms and tofu as well for your vegetarian friends. Banh Xeo is then folded and cut into bite-size pieces. The bite-sized pieces are wrapped in lettuce leaves topped with fresh herbs and gobbled down by the food lovers.


3. Nem Cua Be

Rice paper rolls are a nationwide favorite snack in Vietnam. Rice paper is stuffed with shrimps, crabs, mushrooms, and meat. People include beansprouts in the stuffing to add an extra crunch to every bite. Vermicelli rice noodles and herbs are also an essential part of the stuffing. Rice paper is molded into small square-shaped pockets and deep-fried. It is served with fresh mint leaves to add freshness to every bite.


4. Cuon Diep 

Cuon Diep is also known as French Spring Rolls in Vietnam. French cuisine has a strong influence on Vietnamese cuisine; even Pho was innovated from a combination of French and Chinese cuisines. Cuon Diep has emerged as a famous vegan delight across the globe. 

Cuon Diep is a mustard leaf wrap. The mustard leaf is stuffed with rice noodles, tofu, and mushrooms. It is then tied with a thread. Blanched green onion leaves are tightly wrapped around it. Cuon Diep can also be made by stuffing mustard leaf wrap with shrimp, pork, and rice noodles.


5. Nem Lui

Nem Lui is one of the most flavorsome dishes from Vietnam. It originated in Central Vietnam and quickly spread throughout the country. Many spices like turmeric, salt, and five-spices, are mixed with minced pork. It is then stuck around a lemongrass skewer and grilled. However, that is not the end of Nem Lui.

Nem Lui is served with lots of vegetables, herbs, and lettuce leaves. Rice paper rolls and green mangoes are also served on the side. People have the freedom to make their own Nem Lui wraps using lettuce leaves or rice paper rolls and enjoy the heavenly taste. A thick peanut dip sauce enhances the flavor of Nem Lui.



Many food eaters get creative with rolls and often dip them in Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup. In Tampa, Florida, you can find many Vietnamese restaurants serving tons of Vietnamese dishes even though Floridians love pho bowls. In Tampa, Florida, Vietnamese restaurants are introducing them to different types of rolls, vegan delights, and snacks.


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