Why does Bangalore have so many international schools?

Bangalore has a very large number of international schools for a number of reasons. To start with Bangalore has always been one of India’s most cosmopolitan and vulture cities. If there is any place in India that would appreciate what international schools offer, it has to be Bangalore. Above all Bangalore is the technology headquarters of the world with so many world-class technology companies employing a very large workforce of highly qualified and experienced technology professionals. They are the kind who ate globetrotters and want the best possible education for their children. 

Not only are there a large number of Bangalore International Schools, but there are also a similar number of world-class Montessori schools in the city. The latter is a reflection of the fact that many of the technology specialists working and living in Bangalore are quite young with very small children.

Why the huge demand for international schools in Bangalore?

  1. The influx of NRIs and Expats into Bangalore

Bangalore has seen a huge influx of NRI and ex-pats who want their children to have access to the same kind of education that they would have in other parts of the world. The international curricula are more inquiry-based and in tune with global trends. That is what these schools provide. Moreover, these schools are largely located on the outskirts of the city in more sylvan surroundings so that the children experience growth of both their mental and physical faculties.

2. IGCSE and IB Curricula

Most of these schools offer international curricula like IGCSE and International Baccalaureate that are way more flexible and accommodative of the desires and aspirations of the students. Besides, these syllabi are more in sync with what is required abroad and help them gain admission to the best colleges and universities abroad.

3. World Class Infrastructure

The infrastructure in terms of the classrooms, the auditoria, sports facilities, canteen, library, and central air conditioning is totally out of the top drawer, providing the right atmosphere to excel.

4. Stellar Teaching Staff

Such schools leave no stone unturned in hiring highly qualified and experienced teaching staff so that the students get the best possible instruction and mentoring. This leads to their optimal growth and development. 

5. Cosmopolitan Culture

The international schools in Bangalore have students from all parts of the country and abroad creating a very modern and cosmopolitan culture on the campuses. This can only augur well for the development of the students studying at these schools. They will turn out to be confident and well-groomed individuals, ready to give a good account of themselves in all kinds of situations.


Bangalore is India’s biggest success story and this is reflected in its large number of world-class international schools. If some of the leading names in international education are keen on opening their branches in the city, it is a testimony to how well it is respected in all parts of the world. If you live in Bangalore and were mulling over the decision of putting your child in an international school, go right ahead. You won’t regret the decision.


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