What's New in Prince2 agile?

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Main reference points

The new Prince2 agile was released on 16 June 2009 after a development period of almost two years. Although the key concepts are basically the same, they are presented in a much clearer and more logical way. There are many practical examples and real world guidance, better integration with other approaches (Successful Project Management, Risk Management, Agile, Project Management Institute) and it is 125 pages shorter. 

There is a chapter on adapting the method for different situations, for example for small projects or projects within a project, and there is also guidance on people issues such as team dynamics and leadership.

prince2 agile

How was it developed?
The development process took two years and involved consultation with a range of public and private sector organisations, as well as professional bodies and standards bodies such as the Association for Project Management, the Institute of Project Management and the British Standards Institute. Several trials of the method have been carried out at the British Council, Standard Bank and Staffordshire County Council.

Key changes in content

Prince2 agile principles were defined. The ideas behind these will be familiar to users of the old manual. All Prince2 agile projects will follow these high level guiding concepts, even if they do not adhere to the more detailed guidance in the rest of the manual.

The 8 components have been replaced by 7 topics, although the scope of information covered is the same. Configuration management has been incorporated into the "Change" topic and the "Controls" component has become the "Progress" topic. Ample guidance, practical examples and references to various useful techniques have been added, such as how to estimate, identify risks and carry out investment appraisals.

There are now 7 procedures. The old Planning Procedure has disappeared, and is now defined in the "Planning" topic. At the process level the scope and sequence is the same as before, but at the sub-process level there are quite substantial changes. Sub-processes are now called activities, there is no coding system, and about 30% of the activities are new.

The three Prince2 agile techniques have been integrated into the themes. Product-based planning in planning, quality review in quality, and change control in change. Product-based planning is much less prescriptive than it used to be.

There are now 26 Prince2 agile management products, 2 have been added and 12 have been removed.

There are now 5 Annexes. Prince2 Management Products Product Descriptions, Roles and Responsibilities and Health Check remain and include more comprehensive descriptions, particularly for products. There is a new Governance Appendix, showing how Prince2 agile addresses the Association for Project Management's Project Governance Principles, and there is a Product-based Design Examples Appendix, showing various suggested ways in which Product Allocation Structures and Flowcharts can be created.


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