As a child, a child does not think about why and what to draw. Drawing, he processes his life experience, transferring it to paper, and, thereby, comprehends it and develops.

With age, it becomes more and more difficult to find ideas ... We are distracted by everyday affairs, we stop hearing ourselves, our inner world. It is especially difficult at the beginning when you are just getting on the path of knowing yourself as an artist.

To draw well, you need to draw daily. But where to get this inspiration?

Here are some ideas for how and what to draw every day.


1. Move into the archives of your designs and illustrations.

The simplest thing is to open the folder with your old drawings and look at them.

What's not finished in them? Where did the hitch occur?

Take a fresh look at the drawing. Think about how to modify or rewrite it.

Also, immersion in past drawings will immerse you in the emotions that you experienced earlier. It can re-inspire your creative muse. Perhaps based on an old idea, a new one will arise draw a mouse ... And then another picture will be born.

2. Draw something from life.

Take a look around the house: walls, furniture, interior items, potted plants, souvenirs brought from trips, keeping your memories. What was the eye-catching on?

Draw one object. You can add other objects to it, draw the background.

Being a decision, your drawing can set explanation to be quite mysterious, having the passion of the house, your dreams, and thoughts.

3. Draw an abstract combination of spots.

Unleash your imagination, imagine yourself as a creator and get the most out of the play of color, from how paint flows and mixes, what new shapes and shades you observe. Let go of doubts and fears. Be creative! This is great color therapy.

4. Create a hand-drawn recipe.

The cooking process itself can be very creative. And if you also put it on paper ... Write down your culinary ideas, make beautiful pictures for them, create your unique recipe books. In the future, this will inspire you to continue to create in cooking and painting.

5. Draw a nice little thing for friends or family members.

It can be a postcard for a holiday - for a birthday, for the New Year, for March 8, or Valentine's Day. Or simply a charming impromptu for no idea...

Getting a hand-made postcard in the age of emails is unusual. Such gestures are always very pleasant.

Emotions of gratitude received in return will definitely inspire you to continue the creative process.

6. Practice quick sketching.

Draw people, how to draw owl, and animals using the sketchy anatomical figures of humans and animals.

In the future, the ability to quickly draw a human figure will inspire you to make quick sketches.

7. Practice creating monotypes.

Learn to create monotypes. This will allow you to create without first thinking about the plot. Monotype will do it for you.

Connect your imagination! Experiment! An imprint of a monotype will give you many opportunities for spontaneous decisions. Examine the image in the spots and streaks that appear. And paint in the spots a little to help the viewer see this image.

8. Draw a graphic drawing.

Do you like to draw with a simple pencil or in black and white?

Then try your hand at graphics! This can be drawing a scene with more drawing of features with a pencil, helium pen, ink, or marker.

Or maybe you first make some kind of drawing graphically, and then supplement it with a background, add volume to the details, make a fill, fill it with fancy patterns, lines, and scatter splashes.

9. Draw in a travel sketchbook.

Going on a trip? Take a small sketchbook with you!

A notebook filled with impressions and drawings (as well as booklets, tickets, receipts, napkins ... and other “tourist trash”) will become no less valuable memory than an album with photographs.

10. Browse the sites of your favorite artists.

Look at their pictures, find what catches, touches the soul. Compare different techniques, try to imagine how this or that picture was written, what the artist felt, what he wanted to say, how he saw the world while working.

Look at your personal painting by your preferred artist and decide to make something related. Or just copy a piece of the painting to study the technique, repeat it as you understand it.

This will enrich your experience with new techniques, and perhaps you will find something of your own in this process and will further use a new method when writing your masterpieces.

11. Pick a topic at random.

To boost your imagination, you can simply pick a random word or phrase. I normally do my recommended book for this.

Or ask a number from 1 to 50 and find the answer in my selection:

1. Red dress 26. Grandma's joy

2. An unusual look at an ordinary thing 27. Lucky ...

3. Looking into the future 28. At the most interesting place ...

4. Inhabitants of the wardrobes 29. The path

5. The tablecloth was not enough ... 30. The beauty of the flower

6. Flexibility of lines 31. Here and there

7. This is the kind of love ... 32. Parrot

8. Three sisters 33. In the night

9. Who is this? 34. Full Moon

10. Our smaller brothers 35. Queen

11. Blue 36. Face in the photo

12. A new look at ice cream 37. Space

13. Thirteen 38. Favorite drink

14. Lock 39. Cage

15. Teatime 40. Overwhelmed.

16. Planet of coffee 41. The epicenter of fun

17. The world of the book 42. Sea distance

18. She's 43. Cocktail

19. Knot 44. Dream

20. Magic of the spiral 45. Mystery

21. Window 46. Behind the fence

22. Tenderness 47. Fragrant herbs

23. Mahogany 48. Fun

24. Waiting 49. Cherry compote

25. Childhood smile 50. Slippers

Summing up, I want to say to everyone who has taken the path of creativity - do not despair and do not hesitate; creating, developing yourself, your creative imagination every day is easy.  The main concern is to know that influence occurs in use, in daily work.

Good luck on your creative path!


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