What essential thing will you Learn from IB Schools in Dubai

Many programs in schools are focused on a single path for students and that is getting good grades so that they are prepared for university or good jobs.

However Good Grades don’t make any difference as with the rising competition there are rising rates of under-employment. 

Right Education in Dubai International School is about the right knowledge, learnings and skills so that students can prepare the path for themselves.

And therefore students must choose the right programs that can help in the overall development not just academically but personally.

IBDP is one such rigorous coursework from Best IB Schools in Dubai that can help you grow overall.

International Baccalaureate Diploma is a 2-year program for students aged 16 to 19. It develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills and encourages a healthy appetite for learning and excellence. It is designed to develop the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills of students. 

Let’s understand how this coursework can be beneficial to students

8 Essential points students learn in IB Schools in Dubai


We often frame career success in terms of a good package but what about personal peace or happiness and fulfillment? What about the freedom to pursue something worthwhile?

“Real success is having achieved what you want in your life”. It doesn’t require good grades, it requires sheer passion, dedication, learnings, and definitely good sets of skills.

To become successful in the real world requires an entirely different set of skills and by choosing IBDP from Best IB Schools in Dubai you will gain all that is required to be successful in a realistic manner.


No one asks you for your score in real life. As a student one should always focus or pay more attention to gaining an incredible amount of knowledge and information which will certainly help in areas of life. Students, learn concepts and acquire knowledge and that is far better than the perfection of the facts.

IBDP from Dubai International School is the coursework where students learn various concepts and issues that have local as well as global significance. This in turn helps them to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of various disciplines. 

Learning from Failure and Experiences

Students consider failing grades or poor assignments or failure in general as negative experiences. But real success comes after every failure and experience they learn from it. Failure prepares you and your mindsets which is vital to move toward progress.

In the Best IB Schools in Dubai, various subjects and activities will bring upon many experiences (failure and success) which will provide you with greater learnings to prepare yourself and to improve future efforts.

Understanding to Manage things 

Procrastination is natural when there are a lot of things in hand to handle. Understanding to prioritize things that are necessary and letting go of unnecessary things is the way to manage things and avoid procrastination. Learning how to handle things and what works best, is necessary to get things done.

It’s like the Pareto Principle (“80/20” rule) which asserts that 80% of results will come from 20% of work done and it is the best concept of life and time management. 

With vast subjects and activities, you learn to manage things well.

Students learn to achieve goals within a specified period

Due to various regular tasks and assignments, students learn to finish them within their deadlines. This habit puts them into practice to apply the same deadlines to their goals, they learn how to achieve them within the period set.

Enforcing strict deadlines helps students to focus on their goals which are necessary for achieving bigger goals in life. With the IB program from Dubai International School, students learn the right meaning of focus and hard work.

Change in attitude 

IB Diploma changes the perspectives of students, they learn to see things from others perspectives or from different angles. As the coursework involves global issues, it broadens their mindset.

More Organised

Being exposed to vast information, students learn to prepare notes, write down important points, create journals or to-do lists which in turn help them organize things during the exams. This skill is a most appreciated skill in professional and personal life.

Develops a love for learning

Students develop a love for learning. Successful people always keep on learning, upgrading their skills. Love to learn new things is a good approach as an adult to grow as a person.

Other Benefits of IBDP from Best IB Schools in Dubai

  • University Credits/Grants/Scholarships

If you score a 7 (the highest grade) in a Higher Level subject, you can use those credits against a basic level subject during your first year of university.  

  • Extended Essay (EE) helps in research and writing skills

In EE students have to write a 4,000-word research essay based on the topic of their interest, collect data, analyze and present which improves their research and writing skills to a greater extent.

  • CAS makes students well-rounded individuals.

CAS stands for Community Activity Service is a mandatory subject that helps students to work for the community, find a way to improve their society’s social issues which results in the personal growth of the individual.

  • Theory of Knowledge helps in Original Thinking

In TOK coursework students learn to question what they know, and how they know it which is assessed through a 1,600 essay and oral presentation helping in stimulating original thinking in students.

  • Conceptual Emphasis

The exam in IBDP tests conceptual and practical understanding of a subject and checks whether the students are able to apply the concept in new situations. It tests students' knowledge and understanding beyond the facts and requires them to use their critical thinking skills.


It’s extremely challenging, stimulating, inspiring, and rewarding which allows students to know their potential and excel. With students gain more confidence to move forward.

If you wish to maximize your academic intellectual ability, enhance your personality then the IBDP from Dubai International School is the best program for you. As it will change your outlook and will make you a globally competent, confident, independent learner.