Top 7 Career Options after MBA in Business Analytics in 2021

MBA is a degree that is a significant program of all the management colleges. Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics is a two-year degree that explicitly revolves around the concepts of leadership, data mining, processing, and managing big data for anticipating the business trends and patterns. The Top MBA colleges in India offer a range of MBA specializations and among them, one of the best promising streams is Business Analytics. In a way or more, business Analytics can help candidates in living the life they have dreamt of.

In the present times, businesses need to evaluate analytics on a regular basis. It is only after filtering the data & extracting the near possible results; organizations can take a rational step. Consequently, MBA in Business Analytics has a lot of prominences when it comes to shaping a brighter future. In a way or more, Business Analytics can help candidates in living the life they have dreamt of. The aspirants must notice that out of all the tempting job opportunities, few choices have more scope than the rest which will be discussed ahead.  

Overview of MBA Business Analytics Program

Eligibility: All candidates who have completed their bachelor's from a recognized university/college are eligible.

Syllabus: Before knowing the career pathways, we would like to throw light on the subjects which are taught in two years of MBA Business Analytics. These include the following:

- Foundations of Management
- Quantitative Techniques
- Managerial Economics
- Accounting for Management and Reporting
- Business Environment and Indian Economy
- Business Ethics and CSR
- Business Communication for Managerial Effectiveness
- Business Analytics for Decision Making
- Legal Environment for Business
- Marketing Management
- Human resource management
- Production and Operations Management
- Corporate Finance and Indian Financial System
- Entrepreneurship and Project Management
- Computer Applications for Business
- Organizational Behaviour & Design
- Marketing Research

All the aforementioned subjects refine the understanding and technical abilities of students which are quintessential for working in the field. The fact that a Business Analytics degree instills a variety of skills makes it one of the best MBA specializations in 2021. Another fact which adds to the significance of this program is its prospect. 

Career opportunities after MBA Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analyst fosters a lot of exciting options and bridges the gap between academia and the professional domain. Out of a wide range of job options, the following seven are the best paying ones:

1) Business Analyst: A Business Analyst is the one who acts as an interface between the users and the project managers. The key roles of a business analyst are to gather information, process documents, confirm final documents, conduct meetings, gather critical information, etc. 

2) Market Research Analyst: Research is an integral part of any business. To get an insight into the market and the clientele’s behavior patterns, businesses need to conduct market research and then study the data for further decision-making. The market research analyst is the one who performs all the related activities. The main responsibilities include studying the market, interpreting the data, and generating reports based on which he has to make recommendations.

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3) Data Scientist: In an organization, raw data needs to be processed or converted into a more refined & processed form, and the responsibility of the same lies with the data scientists. They have to acquire, process, clean, integrate, and store to analyze it. Since it is an arduous task, those working in this position receive high remuneration making it one of the most preferred jobs.

4) Quantitative Analyst: Quantitative Analysts usually work in the financial industry. They contribute to the working of the firm by developing statistical and mathematical techniques to evaluate the financial market to implement decisions. Quantitative analysts can work as Financial Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Business Analyst, Investment Banking Analyst, Financial Engineer, etc. 

5) Supply Chain Analyst: Supply chain analysts have multitudes of responsibilities; from analyzing the performance to developing recommendations for efficient working, they have to supervise various tasks. Supply chain analysts usually carry out large-scale projects intending to increase efficiency and decrease the cost. They can work in a variety of companies; these include working with renowned corporate business establishments as well as with the products of the Best engineering colleges in India

6) Data Architect: Candidates working in this position have to maintain the company’s database by formulating a management framework for that particular organization. Although this is the prime responsibility, candidates need to perform other tasks such as designing conceptual and logical data models, defining security procedures, providing operational support, etc.  

7) Analytics Manager: As the job title implies, an analytics manager has to supervise all of the operations related to analytics which include data reporting, collection, and analysis. Apart from this, an analytics manager has to develop strategies and make sure they are being implemented effectively.

To conclude, these seven options which we have just mentioned require candidates to have a refined skill set. The candidates need to grasp the very essence of business analytics and understand the importance of it. After the conclusion of MBA Business Analytics, the best companies can become landing sites and can even offer handsome salaries. All you need to do is search for the top colleges and apply online without further ado.