Tips for writing an essay

Tips  for writing an essay


Many wonder other scams why it has become so quiet here and on Instagram. Some have noticed that I have broken off my trip around the world. But don't worry: I'm fine. More than that. I finally have the feeling that I have arrived: on the right track.

I ended my planned 11 month trip around the world after less than 8 months. But no misfortune or a stroke of fate is the reason for it. The reason is something beautiful.

World trip canceled

Nevertheless, these words sound pretty bad in combination at first. After giving up, failure.

But the opposite is true. To understand that, let's go back to the beginning:

Some start a journey because they want to see the world, experience something, enjoy their life. Lying on the beach, dancing the night away in clubs, and going on spontaneous road trips, and write my essay.

For me, the trip around the world was the opportunity to pause my life for a moment. To try something. To prove to myself that I can do more than I thought I could. And I received this confirmation. I didn't need to be on the road for a year to do this.

In my article How my life ran away from me, I already indicated that I was not entirely satisfied with my life. I've always been a very thoughtful person. I thought about everything and asked myself what this is all about. Life itself. And I am in the middle of it. There was such a point during my trip around the world.

The dark side of a trip around the world

In the first few weeks, the trip felt like a normal vacation. At the latest when my friend left and I suddenly stood there alone, everything came up in me. Why the fuck am I doing this to myself? To be separated from my friends, in completely strange places, with people I hardly know, and with whom I have the same conversations over and over again.

That sounds very lonely. Indeed, sometimes I felt loneliest in the greatest company. Still, I traveled on. Not only because my defiant mind and pride forbade me to break it off, but because I was looking for exactly these challenges.

Sometimes you need a bigger challenge to make the real fear seem very small

I have been taking photographs for ten years - professionally - and I don't earn a penny from it. The fear of registering a trade was too great. I always had other excuses not to have to start my own business.

I was stuck in a job that was a great start to my career. If someone asked me if that was a point on my résumé that I would change, the clear answer would be: no. I am happy to have learned a dry office job, to have completed a business degree, and now have all the knowledge that will help me to move up to the next level. The only thing I was missing was one ingredient: courage.

The fear of failure

Yes, I simply lacked courage. I wasn't at a loss for excuses. The first step is always the hardest. And I first had to travel 59,167 km around the world to take the first step: registering a small business.

One of the others who is already self-employed may now laugh at me. Afraid of a small business? Yeah, honestly.

When I was 18, I registered my first trade. Everything went wrong that could go wrong. So I was terrified of being at war with the German bureaucracy and the annoying baggage of data protection, and I also had doubts as to whether I was good enough for what I wanted to do.

And why don't you blog regularly anymore?

As sorry as I am to have to say now: A world converter was a means to an end. I wanted to learn new skills.

During my apprenticeship at the bank, I learned how to deal with customers, how to conduct structured conversations, and, of course, everything to do with banking products and the resume writing world. At the time, I applied for a position in project management because I'm a bit of an organization freak. When I was told that the decision had just been made on another applicant, I was not disappointed. When I submitted my application, it was clear to me: Either the job as a project manager or the trip around the world.

However, what I did not learn during the apprenticeship or the subsequent studies were the things I am concerned with today:

Writing, web design, SEO optimization, photography, graphic design, and social media management: Running a travel blog promotes many skills. I've worked my way into so many different topics that I'm now helping others. Through my interview with Fidan on the subject of digital nomadism, I came across the subject of virtual assistants.

The way to self-employment

I stayed in contact with Fidan and even recommended her VAY course * in an affiliate link in the blog post. Instead of generating even a cent in income, I booked the course myself. For 3 months, Fidan accompanied me and some other virtual assistants and helped us to master all the hurdles that self-employment entails at the beginning.

While I wanted to offer everything at the beginning, I've now got stuck with web design. I have specialized in other scams WordPress and create websites for customers or take care of website maintenance.

What should I say: The word self-employed is made up of the words self and constant. Max said in his guest post that doing business for yourself during a trip around the world is an illusion. And yes: he's right.



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