This SEO tools list will skyrocket your seo strategy

In today's competition, if you are thinking about how to take your website up in SERP. Or how to get mastery in seo? So you are on the right blog. I will help you in selecting the right tool for your website. Hello everyone, I am Jitendra Gautam and I am going to discuss with you the important search engine optimization tools and SEO tools list today.

By the way, if we talk about the complete seo tools list, then the list is very long. This list is so long that it is very difficult to describe in a blog. However, I will try to describe the most important seo tools.

The importance of seo tools has been explained below so that you can understand why seo tools should be used.

Why SEO tools are important?

seo tools are very effective in saving time. A search engine optimizer has to do a lot of work manually, so it is not possible to have enough time. If we search each keyword manually in Google, then it is possible that many of our days can be wasted instead if we take the help of a keyword research tool then we can do this work in just a few minutes.

This is something that we can do manually, but when it comes to generating an XML site map and we do not have any knowledge of coding, then we will not be able to do this without the help of an XML sitemap generator tool.

Hope you understand the importance of seo tools. Now you will know some important seo tools as well as when and how to use them.

1. broken links checker tool

Broken links are links to our website that have no destination. Often we are so busy getting our website ranked that we do not even think about finding broken links to our website. Due to which the ranking of our site in Google SERP starts to decrease. Experts say that you should use the broken backlink checker tool before using the backlink generator tool.

According to Google, instead of creating new links to your website, you should focus on correcting your old links. To get a good broken links checker, search Google for "broken link checker".


2. Page size Checker tool

Think what if you go to a website and that website is giving you something after making you wait for several minutes. Suppose your teeth are hurting a lot. And you are seeking its solution in Google. Clicked on any of your Google searches, but the website did not open for very long due to its heavy size. Now in such a situation, you will wait to load on the same website or find some other solution for your teeth while you are in pain.

The solution is truthful which you give to your user on time. The quality of your website is very good, but if the user is not serving their content on time, then there is no use in making your good quality content.

A good website is the same which is opening within 2 to 3 seconds. No user likes to wait more than 3 seconds. That is why it is important that the size of your website should work properly so that the load time can also be reduced. To check the page size of your website, you can search for good page tools through Google search.

3. word counter tool

Today's word limit has become a very important concept. Google also follows the word limit from the top social media websites. A website like Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn gives you limited word use permission for your content description or main body.

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Not only the top social media website, but Google also gives you permission to do limited words for metadata (meta title, meta description, etc.). In this case, the Word Counter tool plays a very important role. You can search Google to use a good word counter tool.


You must have understood above that seo tools are very important for us. We have only discussed the 3 SEO tools above but there are more than 100 tools that help in our daily small and big seo strategy. We have done the whole thing that you have liked our seo tools list. We do not want to promote any kind of tool, so did not give the URL of any seo tool.

Thanks for reading...


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