Global Indian International School, Bangalore is a co-educational day school that is affiliated with the Central Board of secondary education. This school uniquely offers a Montessori Plus Program to the students from pre-primary to class XII. This school follows a dynamic framework of holistic learning- the 9 Gems model in order to provide every student opportunities for personal growth, academic excellence, and vocational training. GIIS, Bangalore is the most simple answer to the question - Which is the best Montessori school near me

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The sessions conducted are all about accelerating basic literary skills with a special emphasis on excellence. Their emphasis lies in giving students fluency in language through many ways:

  1. listening

  2.  speaking

  3.  reading

  4.  Writing skills

  5. Numerical skills in maths

Anybody who is looking for school admissions in Bangalore can easily apply at GIIS Bangalore. Below are the few glorious callouts for GIIS.

➢  GIIS is a multi-award-winning school offering a well-planned curriculum that eventually nurtures 21st-century skills among students.

➢  Glorified with about 32 awards and has been claimed by both national and international organizations.

➢  Primarily focuses on imparting management for education assisted by proficient operational methods and practices.

➢  GIIS Bangalore is the first Indian school to have a SMART GREEN campus, under the CBSE curriculum.

GIIS Bangalore has been honoured to offer the best curriculums that are globally acclaimed and deliver the best benefits to the students thereby building their bright careers for them. GIIS Bangalore is indeed the most popular Montessori school in Bangalore that has effectively infused the fundamentals of next-gen learning with the latest innovative tools and methods to create new and unique development and growth opportunities for their students. GIIS Bangalore is popular for its facilities:

●   Sports excellence

●   Academic excellence

●   Visual and performing arts

●   Personality development

●   Innovation and creativity

●   Universal values and ethics

●   Community and care

●   Skill development

The exceptional global community of GIIS Bangalore makes it easier for the authorities to create a remarkable ambience for the students of all age groups to nurture their competitive aptitude. The ultimate mission of the institute is to imbibe basic values of honesty, integrity and ethical practices altogether amongst the students. This school’s emphasis on fair competition and recognising talent has instilled confidence among their respective students. GIIS Bangalore students curriculum is inclusive and in consideration of :

  1. Co-curriculum activities

  2. Extra-curricular activities

  3. Happiness index

  4. Parent engagement

  5. Daily counselling sessions

GIIS Bangalore includes the famous GMP( global Montessori programme). The program focuses on quality education, physical training, physical well being, mental and spiritual development of their students. GIIS encourages them to become the best version of themselves and grow up to be respected and responsible global citizens. At GIIS Bangalore they take pride in their ambitious goal of giving good citizens of tomorrow to the society. Their core values include:

❏  To manage with information and metrics

❏  Agility and adaptability

❏  Honesty, integrity and ethical practices

❏  Attitude before knowledge

❏  Teamwork

❏  Ambience for Learning

 GIIS Bangalore continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of today’s diverse student’s body as well as the global challenges ahead. Their vision, mission, core values, quality policy and quality objectives have sustained over the past decade and will continue to do. This school provides a well-planned assessment process that is conducted by expert admission counsellors. The remarkable results delivered by GIIS Bangalore consistently over the years have made the school gain popularity with more students enrolling each year. The system of education that GIIS Bangalore follows has a comprehensive approach to teaching where educators sought to address the emotional, social, ethical and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format. The fee structure of this school promises parents outstanding facilities, excellent academic support, and expert-opinion facility that gains popularity among the area base.


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