Take PMA Long Course: Become Pride of Pakistan

The armed forces are the highly organized and respected institution of Pakistan, formed after 1947. Army, Navy, and air force are three main branches: Strategic Plans Division (SPD) and paramilitary forces. The armed forces have projected a sense of national unity and held the state together in tiring times. It has promoted a feeling of nationhood and provided a bastion of service, selflessly.


15 Reasons to join armed forces.

Every year, the defence forces prove to be a promising profession for the youth. There are many common motivations among aspirants like benefits, respect, martyrdom, acquisition of

skill sets, travel, etc. Following is a list of 16 Reasons to join the prestigious armed forces of Pakistan.


  1. Patriotism

  2. You can live a life less ordinary (of course!)

  3. Training in top-class institutions & mentors of Pakistan.

  4. You will encounter a new adventure every day.

  5. Allowances (compensations and concessions on flight tickets/train rebates)

  6. Selfless dedication towards the work.

  7. Service which promises fitness throughout life.

  8. Dynamic Personality

  9. Perks & salary which will suffice all your needs and luxuries of life.

  10. A disciplined life followed by mannerism and etiquettes.

  11. The benefit of availing top-class medical facilities in various military hospitals of Pakistan.

  12. Your kin can enroll in the best schools of Pakistan.

  13. You get to enjoy working at every corner of the map.

  14. A real-life hero for your parents.

  15. You will always be on top of your zeal and spirits.


Prepare Yourself for Induction in Pakistan Army

Pakistan's army is ranked 10th most powerful in the world out of 133 countries. According to the Global Firepower index 2021, Pakistan surpassed the armies of Israel and Canada. With a score of 0.2083 in the GFP, Pakistan became the only country in the top 15.

PMA 148 Long Course is the permanent regular commission offered by Pakistan Army. PMA announces registrations of it twice a year. The April Course is known as 'Even Course' while the Course held in November is known as 'Odd Course'. Before Joining PMA Long Course, you need to know these 6 things:


  1. Stages of Selection

There are two main stages of selection in the Pakistan Army. The applicants undergo Initial Preliminary Selection which is a written test followed by ISSB and Interview.



  1. Timetable of Registrations

Candidates need to apply on the official website of Join Pak army PMA 148. For this purpose, candidates need to stay in touch with newspapers and credible online resources. However, before the registrations' announcement, candidates should prepare for the preliminary tests and practice questions more.



  1. Make All Your Documents Ready

Prepare the documents in advance mentioned in the previous advertisement. Most likely, the documents remain the same. However, save your time and provide copies in the respective selection centers before the test date.


  1. Improve Your English

English is the conversational language of the defence forces officials. So, focus on good verbal and written English. This will not only help in the initial test but also the later stages of ISSB and interview.


  1. Familiarize with Initial Tests

The initial test for PMA Long Course comprises of Intelligence and Academic Test. Take maximum practice tests to have an idea about the type of questions.


  1. Selection Stages and ISSB

Once you clear the initial test, start preparing for ISSB. After receiving the ISSB call, start right away as you will not have enough time to cover all the subjects. Do running, sit-ups, ditch crossing, and chin-ups to build stamina. Go through physical training, the instructions in the call letter, and prepare documents in advance.


PMA Eligibility Conditions


Candidates can join the regular commission in Pakistan Army through PMA Long Course. Below is the checklist of the criterium set for join PMA.



  1. Intermediate/Equivalent (17-22 Years)

  2. *Relaxation of 3 months in both upper & lower age limit

  3. 2 Years Graduate and serving PN/PAF personnel (17-23 Years)

  4. Graduates with 4 Years Graduation program (BS/BA (Hon)/ BBA) (17-24 Years)

  5. Serving Army (17-25 Years)



Gender & Marital Status

Unmarried Male. Only married serving personnel of the armed force of age 20 are eligible.



Candidates appearing for PMA Long Course should be citizens of Pakistan. In the case of candidates belonging to Azad Kashmir/Gilgit Baltistan, they should be domicile holders. Upon final selection, candidates will give up any nationality other than Pakistani.


Physical Requirements

Minimum Height should be 5’ 4’’ (162.5 cm)

Calculation of weight is as per BMI (Body Mass Index)

Eyesight should be 6/6 without glasses.

The chest should be 82 cm.




  1. FA/FSc Marks

Candidates should have minimum of 60% marks in FA/FSc.

If candidates are having a degree in BA/ BSc, BA / BSc (Hons), and BBA / BPA, they should secure 60% marks. For FA/FSc, candidates with 50% marks are eligible to apply for PMA 148 long course.


  1. Relaxation of marks in FA/FSc

There is a relaxation of 55% marks for candidates belonging to specified areas. The areas include Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan, District Neelum AJK, District Kohistan, Chitral, Dir, Tehsil Bala Kot (Kaghan/Naran) of District Mansehra in KPK, Tharparker and Tehsil Umer Kot (Sindh), District Rajanpur, Cholistan Desert Area, Drawar Fort, Salamsar, Mojgarh and Dingarh of Punjab.


  1. Serving Army Soldiers

The serving army soldiers should have 50% Marks in FA/FSc or equivalent.


  1. Hope Certificate

Candidates clearing Part-I of intermediate with minimum of 60% Marks can apply on Hope Certificate. The relevant head of institutions should provide proof that the candidate will pass Intermediate Part-II with good marks.


Documents Required at AS&RCS


  • Detailed Marks Sheet of Matriculation/FA/FSc is required. In the case of O/A-Level, an equivalence certificate issued by IBCC is mandatory.

  • Computerized ID card Issued by NADRA for candidates 18 years and above.

  • For candidates less than 18 years, Computerized Form ‘8’ with Guardian’s ID Card (Father/Mother) is mandatory.

  • Attested photocopies of Mark sheets and ID Card.

  • 6x Colored photos attested from front & back by Principal or Class 1 Gazetted Officer.

  • For ‘Repeater Candidates’, Original and copies of the letter by ISSB are also required.


How to Apply

Candidates can apply for PMA on the official website of the Pakistan Army. However, candidates also have the option to apply by visiting the nearest Army and Recruitment Centre. Once you apply online, it takes 72 Hours for the Roll #Slip to be generated.


Expected Date of PMA 148 Long Course

The PMA 148 registration date will be in April. COVID-19 Pandemic can be a course for delays in tests. However, candidates need to keep checking Join Pak army PMA 148.


Prepare For PMA

Once you register yourself for PMA, you need to start preparing for the initial test. For scoring well in the academic and intelligence portion, a candidate must consult resources and sample tests. Some of the best resources are:

  1. PMA Long Course Guidebook with online learning Module

The Ultimate Guide for PMA Initial Test by Dogar Books is a comprehensive resource. The book:

  • Contains essential information.

  • Sample & physical tests

  • Includes Success Notes for Intelligence Test for PMA 148 long course.

  • The book's topics are Number Series, Letter Series, Letter Coding, Analogies, Directions, Series Completion, and classification.

  • PMA Practice Tests for Academic, verbal, and Non-verbal Intelligence Test.

  • Online Learning module of tabir.pk for improving the score.


  1. PMA Long Course 2020 Guidebook

The PMA Long Course guidebook is a 2020 edition by Dogar Books. The book is according to the syllabus with the guidance of online test format. The book includes:

  • Diagnostic Tests (Verbal, Non-verbal intelligence, academic, and personality test)


  • Includes portion of verbal and non-verbal intelligence test.

  • Includes MCQs for subjects of English, General Knowledge, Pakistan Studies, Everyday sciences, current affairs, mathematics, Islamic Studies, and personality test.



That is a Wrap!

Start preparing for the Initial Test till PMA 148 registration date if officially announced. Till then, hold tight and focus on making the future you want for yourself and your parents. Good Luck!


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