Study With Zero Tuition Fee In Germany – Stepwise Guide By Rudraksh Immigration

Rudraksh Immigration Mohali is one of the most experienced overseas education consultancies in and around Chandigarh. Having successfully processed thousands of students visas, puts Rudraksh Group in a unique position to enable an informed approach towards education abroad for India students. There can be no substitute for experience, which is why Rudraksh Immigration Group maintains its pioneer place even after 27 years of being in this field.

Currently, the staff at Rudraksh Group constantly keeps a tab on foreign and migration policies of some of the India students’ favourite abroad destinations to pursue higher education. Consequently, one can cash in on any opportunity that might open up in any of these countries. For instance, the education in Germany does not entail any tuition fee, which is a relatively uncommon knowledge for a lot of potential students.

Hence, Rudraksh Group extends an extensive guide to make sure that one can make use of this and ensure a successful career for himself/herself.


  • Applying at universities


The first step towards securing a place at a university in Germany is the correct and efficient way of applying. Various universities in Germany have their own rules and requirements of the students. Hence, the correct way is to search the top 10 universities according to the course that you would like to pursue. Having shortlisted these 10 universities, one has to visit the individual websites to know the university-specific qualification requirements and apply accordingly. This ensures that you don’t have just one application draft which you send to every university. Depending on what the universities are looking for, you can customize your application documents accordingly. This ensures higher chances of admission compared to some regular applicant.


  • Visa processing


Having processed a ton of Germany visas already, Rudraksh Immigration Group can guide you through every process smoothly. The staff at Rudraksh can prepare you for all the difficult phases of the visa process, which can generally turn into a nightmare for a whole bunch of people. There are some situations which you could handle much better if you are already aware of them or are prepared well in advance. Most student visas get rejected because something new comes up and the students don’t know how to deal with it and get anxious. All this could be avoided if you have a professional backing you up.


  • Travel Arrangements


Another vital aspect of studying abroad lies in travelling, which a ton of students had not experienced before. An exceeding majority of students who plan to study abroad are first time abroad travellers. This could be an exhausting and stressing process. The ideal way of booking flights, getting your currency exchanged, transportation know-how of the destination country, travel insurance are not easy to research and plan for. Therefore, an overseas education consultant will make sure to prepare and brief you regarding every possible situation. Once you are aware of the proceedings, you can walk into any situation more confidently, which can make all the difference in the end.

  • Accommodation


The most important aspect after landing in a foreign country is the accommodation management. Since, one is not aware of the prices and procedures regarding renting an apartment abroad, it is highly advisable that you ensure the most efficient and suitable accommodation for yourself beforehand. Suitably has to be in regard to the location of the apartment from the university, supermarkets and public transportation. Since, Rudraksh Group has done it all thousands of times already, they will make sure that you receive the best suggestion and offers regarding all of the above-mentioned scenarios.




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