Lotus Flower Drawing Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 35 Tips

Lotus Flower Drawing

Lotus flower drawing have long been valued as symbols of purity, life, and harmony. The tattoo industry is regularly replenished with innovations and original ideas, while the lotus does not lose its relevance. Therefore, if you want to emphasize softness and tenderness, this flower will fully reveal your potential. You can always supplement the basic sketch with various elements, adding new meaning and meaning to the tattoo.

  1. Lotus struck by an arrow

Previously, arrows and other parts of weapons were applied by men, emphasizing their strength, courage, and masculinity. Today, this is an equally common sign on the hand of girls. The fair sex put their meaning - love, associating the arrow with Cupid's weapon.

  1. Grozny

Powerful lines, weighty volumetric petals will suit strong and decisive persons.

  1. Drawn

On the leg and any other part of the body, it will look as if the drawing has just finished drawing with a pen. This is an original and popular presentation.

  1. Lotus in figure-eight

Number 8 is associated with infinity, unity of time, rebirth. Such a large-scale drawing will only allow a very courageous person.

  1. Flower depth

The competent transfer of shadow on a black and white tattoo makes you think about the depth behind the image of a symbolic representation of the flora.

  1. Patterned lotus

The classic representative of the lotus tattoo sketches. For adherents of simplicity and brevity.

  1. Lotus with snakes

An image with a powerful, somewhat aggressive energy, which makes it clear that the mistress of the tattoo is not at all as simple as it seems at first glance.

  1. Lotus under the leaves

A delicate flower under the auspices of dense greenery symbolizes security, confidence, tranquility.

  1. Refined mandala

A beautiful decoration for admirers of the culture and beliefs of the peoples of Ancient India. It will indicate your desire for unity with the purity of the Universe, your high impulses.

  1. Lotus with roses

Do you want to emphasize the beauty and richness of the inner world? Then this photo will solve all your requirements. Looks gorgeous, attracting goggles from others.

  1. Buddhist Lotus

Close to Buddha's teaching? Do you support the samsara theory? Then this black and white lotus must be placed on your skin.

  1. Supreme deity

The tattoo symbolizes a complex sacred formula, including the stages of the life cycle, connection with the Universe, draws a parallel with the ancient teachings of the Eastern sages.

  1. Curly Lotus

For fans of detailing and beautiful patterns on the body, this black and white flower is suitable.

  1. Fancy Lotus

Lovers of patterns and ornaments will not miss this original sketch that can be placed on the hip.

  1. Mystical Lotus

A crescent moon hanging from exquisite beads and triangles at the head of the flower give the photo special energy, mystery, and mystery.

  1. Point lotus

Those who love dot graphics and are willing to endure will like this flower.

  1. Bloody Lotus

The black and white base, diluted with scarlet pigment, did the trick, creating a warlike and slightly intimidating look.

  1. Black Lotus

Strong, persistent women choose dark tones. Often these are people who have found shelter in themselves and do not want to open up to the outside world.

  1. Gradient Lotus

The subtle black-and-white gradient will appeal to those who like to add flavor to even the unsightliness image.

  1. Dream Catcher

The lotus, which resembles the base of a dream catcher, will become a personal talisman that protects against negative energy. Looks interesting on the ankle.

  1. Geometric Lotus

The option when geometry ideally complements the flora, bringing originality and originality to the plot.

  1. Floral minimalism

The perfect combination of simplicity and smooth lines. It will appeal to those who appreciate brevity, neatness, and small tattoos.

  1. Gloomy Lotus

The predominance of black pigment gives the lotus tattoo sketch a heavy and gloomy look. But fans of sad graphics and black will find their beauty in every such drawing.

  1. Watercolor

Delicate and cheerful watercolor is the complete opposite of the previous sketch. If working with paints is close to you or you just like spring tones, why not decorate yourself.

  1. Baroque and geometry

Geometry that naturally turns into baroque is a good choice in combining two completely different styles.

  1. Luxurious lotus

Baroque tattoos are a stylish body decoration for girls of any age.

  1. Lotus and dots

The original presentation fits organically on the wrist or ankle.

  1. Refined Lotus

The beauty and wealth of the lotus are suitable for women who appreciate art and want to emphasize their femininity and beauty.

  1. Lotus and month

The opened bud of the Nefertiti flower gently complements the crescent moon painted in the Indian style. Looks nice on the hip.

  1. Lotus-dragonfly

Suitable for active, purposeful, self-confident girls. A symbol of grace, endurance, agility, and lightness. You can "settle" a dragonfly on the leg.

  1. Crimson watercolor

Colored tattoos are trending now. Do not be afraid to wear lace and emphasize your attractiveness, tenderness, and sexuality.

  1. Lace lotus

The lotus with lace elements in black and white looks stylish and sophisticated. Such a sketch can be stuffed on the ankle or the back.

  1. Monogram Baroque

A reference to the Italian style is suitable for women who are graceful and sentimental. Will add spice to the image, placing it on the hand.

  1. Lotus with curls

A feminine and neat tattoo can be applied to the wrist. It will give you self-confidence and emphasize your characteristics.

  1. Lotus with triangles

Triangles are a symbol of the three indivisible components of each person (mind, spirit, physical body). It can also be passed, present, future; feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.

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