How to make beautiful animal drawings

How to make beautiful animal drawings. According to an Ipsos survey carried out for Royal Canin, more than one in two French people would have a dog or cat. Of course, even the Italians are no less, and it is not uncommon to find more than one animal in many families. Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, pets take a special place in our hearts. And why not combine this love for animals with your passion for drawing? So here are all our top tips for learning how to draw your favorite animals.


How to draw a cat?

For the love of cats, for the desire to progress in drawing, or simply for the desire to draw your cat, drawing a cat is a fun activity. Cat drawing can be easy or take some time. Everything will depend on what you want to achieve with your drawings.



If you want to learn how to draw a cat quickly, numerous tutorials will give you all the online tricks to trace the contours and details of your cat. This kind of drawing is quick to do and keeps kids busy. But what if you want a realistic portrait of your cat instead?


Drawing a cat is done in several stages.

At first, you will need to make a grid, to position the elements symmetrically. This grid is a real help for the draftsman. Make it with a pencil, of course, to be able to erase it later.

Once the grid is ready, place the muzzle elements, such as the eyes and nose. Make your design in this order. It is often easier to start by drawing the eyes and then, based on their position to continue with the nose.

Finally, all you have to do is trace the contours of your cat to have a cat face. Don't forget the ears, which will characterize your cat design. The grille should once again help you achieve a symmetrical nose.

To visualize the work to be done to get a cute cat design, here is an exciting tutorial:

If you want to learn how to draw a kitten, there are some differences - it's not enough to make a more petite face to make it work. Instead, you will need to reduce the proportions but keep some big eyes.


To progress and make more and more beautiful cat drawings:

  1. Think about drawing regularly.

  2. Try to make sketches to get your brain used to drawing good proportions.

  3. Have fun making all cat breeds if you feel like it. It should teach you a lot.


How to draw a horse?

The horse is an animal that fascinates young and old. Lovers of drawing and animals love to draw this animal. However, drawing a horse can be complex, and beginners in the drawing will face some difficulties.

To draw a horse's head, start by drawing a circle. The latter marks the position of the cheeks of the horse-drawn in profiles. Next, draw a trapezoid facing down. This geometric shape will keep the horse's muzzle.

Starting from here, you can continue by placing the ears above the circle. Here you are with a somewhat geometric design. It will therefore be necessary to continue detailing the horse's head. Adjust the eyes, nostrils, then describe the ears.


You can also start drawing the end of the neck, even if you decide not to remove the whole body.

The traces of the geometric shapes can make in pencil then, and the draftsman can use another means to detail the horse's features, such as Indian ink, black ink pencils, or others. This way, you can later erase the sketch strokes.


If you wish, you can later draw the rest of the horse while using the geometric shapes method. Then draw an oval for the body and straight lines for the legs. It will help you place them in the right place, depending on the gait you want your horse to adopt.


The rest of the drawing will once again consist of detailing the horse's body. To give it more excellent relief, you can mark the shadows and highlights with graphite pencil or hatching.

To perfect yourself in drawing horses, why don't you go outside and look directly at the fields of horses? You will thus be able to study their movements, postures and appreciate the fact of drawing in front of such beautiful animals.


How to draw a unicorn?

Although unicorns looked more like rhinos than horses, our imagination built the unicorn under the features of a horse. We must then imagine a white horse on which we would have added a horn on the forehead. So what do most people think about when it comes to unicorns.

Drawing a unicorn, therefore, means following the techniques already explained to draw a horse. You will then have to draw more detailed circles than for the horse, arranging the eyes, nostrils, etc.


Once you're done with the drawn horse ensemble, don't forget to draw the horn!

To do this, place a long, thin triangle on the horse's forehead. You can later create grooves by drawing diagonal strokes parallel to each other. Your unicorn is ready!

But where to find unicorn models? YouTube is full of tutorials, one more effective than the other, from the simplest to the most realistic. These videos will give you a pattern and a method for drawing the unicorn correctly.


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